NXT UK – September 24, 2020

Date: September 24, 2020
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

We’re back to the second week of the restart and it’s time to fight over a title. In this case that would be the NXT UK Women’s Title as Kay Lee Ray defends against Piper Niven in a match several months in the making. Other than that, we get the brackets for the Heritage Cup. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap/preview.

Opening sequence.

Earlier today, the Heritage Cup participants almost came to blows in the back.

Andy runs down the card.

Walter vs. Saxon Huxley

Non-title and dang does that Walter silhouette still work. Huxley charges at him but has to fight out of an early sleeper. Some shots in the corner just annoy Walter so he sends Huxley outside early on. Huxley comes back in with right hands and a big boot, plus a powerslam. The top rope clothesline gives Huxley two as commentary is stunned at the offense. They head outside with Huxley hitting a Thesz press but making sure to break up the count.

Walter gets sent into the steps but Huxley breaks up the count again, even though he would have had the countout. Some chops cut Huxley off though and he gets dropped onto the barricade. The powerbomb onto the apron is good for a nine count before Huxley dives back in. Walter sleepers him into a German suplex into a butterfly superplex as Huxley is in big trouble. The powerbomb gives Walter the pin at 6:09.

Rating: C+. I’m not a Huxley fan whatsoever but he was looking awesome there for a bit. That being said, there was no reason to believe he was going to beat Walter and I didn’t come close to believing the upset was coming. What we got from Walter was good here though, as he absorbed all of that from Huxley and still won. It made him look like the monster that he is and that was exactly the point in a good opener.

Post break, Huxley runs into Jack Starz, who says he’ll get it next time. Huxley shouts NEXT TIME a lot.

We go over the Heritage Cup rules.

The seven Heritage Cup participants and Sid Scala are in the ring. Scala brings out Pete Dunne for the official drawing and we get a few words about how important the tournament is. It’s all about honoring those who paved the way, which Dunne has always tried to do. On to the matchups! We get the following:

Joseph Conners vs. Dave Mastiff

Wildcard vs. Trent Seven

Flash Morgan Webster vs. A Kid

Noam Dar vs. Alexander Wolfe

Dar runs his mouth so Dunne snaps his fingers as he is known to do. The tournament starts next week.

The Hunt vs. Pretty Deadly

Great I have to try and remember who is who on Pretty Deadly. Boar suplexes Howley down to start and it’s off to Primate to crank on the arm. Howley gets a knee up to stop a charging Primate but a hiptoss brings him back down. Boar gets taken into the corner to start the double teaming and we’re already off to the chinlock. A powerbomb doesn’t get Boar very far as Howley is right back in for a bunch of knee drops.

It’s time to crank on Boar’s arm and a running elbow cuts him off again. Stoker dives into a raised boot (as tends to be the case) and Boar rolls over for the hot tag to Primate. House is cleaned in a hurry and a running crossbody takes Howley to the floor. Boar’s top rope headbutt hits Stoker for two in a good near fall as Primate is sent into the barricade. Howley’s distraction means there is no count off a rollup so Stoker rolls Boar up for the pin at 8:02.

Rating: C-. I’m not sure what it is but there is something about Pretty Deadly that makes me want to like them. Maybe it’s the matching pants, but there is something so annoying about them, though it’s annoying in a charming way. It’s nice to see a new team being built up, even if I still can’t remember which is which.

Post match Eddie Dennis comes out for a chat with Pretty Deadly.

Post break the Hunt runs into Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, who tell them to keep their chin up. The Hunt isn’t impressed.

Sid Scala can’t figure out how to keep things straight next week between Alexander Wolfe and Noam Dar. Pete Dunne volunteers to be guest referee.

Next week: a triple threat match to determine the Heritage Cup Wildcard.

Women’s Title: Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven

Niven is challenging and shoves the champ outside without much effort to start. Back in and Ray starts in on the arm, including sending it into the corner. The armbar is broken up with more power and there’s a shoulder to drop Kay again. A headbutt keeps Ray in trouble and we hit a cobra clutch with a bodyscissors. That’s broken up so Ray finally wakes up and goes after the leg.

Something like an STF goes on for all of a few seconds before it’s time to just crank on the leg again. Niven fights up and sends her outside, where Ray gets in a superkick into a tornado DDT off the apron. Ray’s running knee hits the steps and they’re both in trouble. The referee checks on Ray and it’s time for the medics. Niven is frustrated at the turn of events and beats up the barricade as referees take Ray out.

Ray slaps Niven in the face so Niven throws it back inside and unloads with rights and lefts. A half crab sends Ray to the ropes but she’s back with a superkick into a Swanton for two more. Back up and Ray tries another superkick but the knee gives out again. Niven pulls her into the middle for the half crab, with Ray pulling the turnbuckle pad off in the process. The Niven Driver connects but Ray gets her foot on the rope. The Vader Bomb hits raised knees (not the smartest idea for Ray) and the Cannonball hits the exposed buckle, allowing Ray to get the pin to retain at 14:23.

Rating: C+. The leg work was a fine way to go and it was a bit of a twist to have it not be a fake injury for a change. Ray being willing to slap Niven in the face and be all aggressive while Niven hard a hart was a good plot as well. It wasn’t a classic and I can picture a rematch, but for now I’m a bit surprised by the result and a rematch seems likely.

Jinny is looking on to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. Pretty good show overall, though the Pete Dunne cameo could have been cut without losing anything. What we had here worked out well enough though and it was smart to get a title defended. When nothing has happened for six months now, it makes sense to get the champion in there and have a title on the line. Throw in Walter having a pretty hard hitting match and it’s an easy enough watch.


Walter b. Saxon Huxley – Powerbomb

Pretty Deadly b. The Hunt – Rollup to Wild Boar

Kay Lee Ray b. Piper Niven – Pin after a missed Cannonball into an exposed turnbuckle



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