Friday Night Party Thread: September 25, 2020

We made it!

I want to thank the untold… dozen of you who joined me on my excursion to Japanese wrestling today.  I know I’m a very wordy guy, so I imagine my style doesn’t QUITE lend itself to 20-30 minute main events the way it does to the 5-10 minute stuff on Dark.  But I had fun, and Lawrence was a great sport about it.

Tonight, it’s the go-home show for Clash of Champions Gold Rush thingy.  SmackDown doesn’t have much prepping to do, mind you, as their four matches are set.  Maybe we’ll see someone challenge for the 24/7 title.

Everyone who saw Dark knows that Carter/Johnson was the best match of my tenure so far.  But in case you’re wondering how good that could be, here you go:

All right, we’ve been over the rules.  I want a good, clean thread.  I need you to respect the mod’s rulings at all times.  Now, touch gloves, go to your computers, and come out posting!