The Thursday Night PRIME TIME Thread: September 24, 2020

“Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to Prime Time Thursday Night here on the Blog of Doom.  I’m your host, Gorilla Monsoon, and…”

“Hey, hey!  I’m the host here!  They’re not here for you!”

“You’re the host of this show!?”

“You think people are here for you, Ape Man?”

“They’re not here for you, either.  They are here for all the great wrestling action that can be provided.  And folks, tonight we have two special feature bouts coming up for you.  First, we will see some of NXT:UK’s finest as Pete Dunne squares off against Mark Andrews!”

“Does he still have that stupid Mandrews name?  Can you imagine if people called me Beenan?”

“That doesn’t work for you.  Besides, Weasel fits so much better.”

“Don’t start with me.”

“You trying to intimidate me?  HA!  In addition, we will see a wrestling legend in Chris Hero going one-on-one with the Mexican sensation, Rey Fenix!”

“A legend?  The only thing he’s legendary at is weight gain!”

“You’re one to talk, Brain.”

“Hey, I’m the portrait of physical fitness compared to him!  He weighs more than Bossman’s mother!”

“Are you gonna keep this up again?”

“What?  That’s a compliment to her!  She’s slimmed down!  Now it’s only a 4 on the Richter scale when she goes jogging!”

“I’m warning you, Brain.”



Bring the insanity, y’all.