Hey Scott, hope you are well. With Retribution looking more and more like a failure, I wonder why they didn't do more with angle. The whole random attacks were ok, but, why didn't they do something with Thunderdome, where during a match they hack the monitors in the crowd and they come up on the screen. Would have made a cool visual. When a wrestler is giving a promo, have Retribution hack the Mike's. You could have them invade Underground. Also, having Dijak as the mouth piece is not great. They should have used either Samoa Joe, Adam Pierce or Corey Graves be the mouth pieces. Corey would have all the reason for revenge because WWE won't allow him to compete and Adam Pierce didnt want to train wrestlers and was a NWA champ who never was acknowledged as such. Samoa Joe being angry about announcing and not fighting would have worked as well. 

You could literally pick random ideas out of a hat and come upon better storylines than the real one.  Also I could dump a box of Alpha Bits in a bowl and scoop out better names for them.