WWE Network Content

Given that you didn't like the choice of Velocity being added to the Network this month and there is still so much missing content, what would you add next if you were in charge? What are your top two or three requests that are reasonable (i.e. WWE owns the footage)?

1.  Superstars from before 1992.  If they don’t want to deal with the legal nonsense then I will also accept Wrestling Challenge from the same era.  But it’s ludicrous that the golden era of their promotion, with an audience literally comprised of all the hardcore fans who grew up watching it, is barely represented!  They can even put Championship Wrestling on there because that was the precursor to Superstars and has all the classic Hulkamania era stuff.  They just stopped adding All Star Wrestling randomly in 1982 and now there’s a decade long gap of the weekly TV on there. 

2.  More of the Old School shows!  This stuff was all converted and aired on WWE 24/7 ages ago and it’s literally just a matter of uploading the shows.  There’s hundreds of hours just sitting there.  Ditto for the Coliseum and WWF Home Video releases which are still nowhere near complete.  That was one of the first things promised in 2014 and they just never bothered to finish. 
3.  Developmental shows like OVW and FCW.  Again already produced and digitized for DVD releases and it just needs to be uploaded.  They did that FCW doc and I thought they’d add shows to go with it, but NOPE.  And clearly the footage is ready because they’ve mined it for Hidden Gems over and over!
Also let’s finish Heat, OK?