The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite / Late Night Dynamite – 09.23.20

The SmarK Rant for AEW (Late Night) Dynamite and then Normal Time Dynamite – 09.22.20 / 09.23.20

This show aired WAY too late here in the Saskatchewan Time Zone on TSN, 11pm to be exact, so let’s hit it before Dynamite.  Well actually this is being written AFTER Dynamite and I’m just editing it at the top to keep things in order.  Not that it matters either way.  YOU’LL STILL READ IT AND LIKE IT, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Dunno where that came from.  On with the shows!

Taped from Jacksonville, FL

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, Excalibur & LE CHAMPION.

Scorpio Sky v. Ben Carter

Carter’s got some nice hair and that’s half the battle in wrestling.  Excalibur gives us a quick geography lesson about Carter’s origins and Jericho goes off on him because IT’S NOT MR. SCIENCE with Skeeavone and stupid Excalibur.  Well that’s telling him.  They trade headlocks to start and Sky gets a rolling cradle for two, but Carter takes him down with an armdrag and Sky has to back off.  Carter goes up and misses a moonsault press, but recovers with another series of armdrags and works the arm.  Sky puts him down with forearms in the corner, but Carter flips away from him, and hits a leg lariat to put Sky on the floor to regroup.  Back in, Sky tries for the arm, but Carter flips out of that and evades him before walking into a kneelift and a nasty dropkick from Sky to take over.  Sky with a Russian legsweep for two off that.  Backbreaker sets up an abdominal stretch and Sky is showing some FIRE here and I like it.  Carter escapes and throws chops in the corner, but Sky just DROPS him with a right hand and we take a break.  Back with Sky working on a rear chinlock and then he puts Carter down with a back elbow for two.  They fight to the apron and Carter fights him off with a high kick, and then snaps off an inverted DDT and shooting star press for two.  Carter goes up, but Sky boots him down and to the floor and he’s out.  Jericho:  “A little how’s your father!”  Because Carter is British, you see.  Sky beats on him on the apron, but Carter fights back with a tope con hilo and then goes up with a frog splash for two.  Sky’s even managed to get busted open on his eyebrow somewhere here.  Carter misses a Phoenix splash and Sky hits a neckbreaker for two off that.  Sky tries the fisherman’s suplex, but Carter fights out and throws more kicks, only for Sky to put him down with a fisherman’s buster for two.  This prompts Excalibur to use the word “behoove” and Jericho tells him to shut up for doing that.  Tell ‘em Chris.  Carter misses a kick and Sky curbstomps the back to put him down again and he’s mildly perturbed.  Another high kick from Sky and a TKO puts him away at 15:13 as they tear the damn house down here.  ****  Hell of a deal from Ben Carter here.

Tomorrow night on Dynamite:  The six-man match that unfortunately was taken down by Covid.

Anna Jay v. Brandi Rhodes

Thankfully Jay is back to her normal gear for this one.  Brandi is all fired up and hits Jay with a spear right away, and they head to the apron for a DDT on the HARDEST PART OF THE RING.  They brawl on the floor and Jay getssent into the railing, and Brandi slugs away back in the ring.  Anna gets an attempt at the sleeper, but Brandi rolls her up for two.  Brandi slugs away on the mat, but Anna traps her in the corner and brings her down with a stomp to the gut for two.  Anna with a snap suplex and she beats on Brandi with forearms in the corner and a Nash choke.  Neckbreaker gets two.  They slug it out with elbows and Brandi makes a comeback with a sling blade, but Uno and Grayson come out and run interference while Brandi gets the pump kick.  That only gets two as a result, and Jay gets her rear choke and finishes at 6:07.  This was pretty energetic and not at all bad!  **1/2

Meanwhile, Scorpio Sky is celebrating his win, and Matt Sydal stops by as they might wanna go get some drinks.  And Alex Marvez can come too.

Matt Sydal v. Shawn Spears

Jericho is still salty about losing to Sydal on a PPV years ago.  They trade takedown attempts and Sydal locks on a headlock and takes him down, but Spears powers out and Sydal takes him down again.  Spears fights up from that and Sydal hits him with a leg lariat for two and goes for the arm as we take a break.  Back with Sydal throwing kicks to the leg and a rollup for two.  Sydal with a standing swanton for two and he goes up, but Spears holds the leg to bring him down.  Sydal tries a rana, but Spears reverses him into a powerbomb for two.  They trade chops (“Oh my gosh there goes his other nipple!”) and knee strikes, and Spears hits the ushigoroshi as both guys are down.  Spears tries for the death valley driver, but Sydal grabs the ropes to escape and goes up with a flying knee for two.  Spears bails to the floor for some rest, but Sydal dropkicks him off a chair, at which point Tully helps out his man with a loaded glove.  Back in, Sydal goes up to finish, but Spears moves and tries the death valley driver.  Sydal reverses out, so Spears KOs him with the ISOTONER OF DEATH and then finishes with the death valley driver at 12:53.  Damn, another really good match to end this one.  ***1/2  I like that Sydal has a totally different look than his Evan Bourne days now so they can’t just lean on the “Hey, remember when…” stuff with him.

Onto Wednesday’s show…


The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 09.23.20

Live from Jacksonville, FL

Your hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Kip Sabian & Miro v. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Sabian takes Kiss down with a wristlock and does some showboating, but Sonny out-showboats him and takes him down with a headscissors and the handspring slap.  Over to THE BEST MAN, but Kip tags himself back in because he wants a piece of Janela.  Joey runs away from that confrontation, and that allows Kiss to come in from behind and the babyfaces to do some double-teaming in their corner.  Kiss gets two from a neckbreaker, so it’s finally over to Miro and he wrecks some s---.  Spinning uranage on Janela puts him out on the floor, and Sabian works Kiss over in the corner.  Miro comes in and throws Kiss around with suplexes and then hits a forearm for two.  Sabian slingshots in with a senton and a punt for two.  Kiss fights for the tag, but Miro takes the ref and keeps Kiss in their corner for more punishment.  Sonny cradles Sabian for two and makes a comeback with forearms, and it’s hot tag Joey.  He runs wild on Miro, who just ignores him in a funny spot.  But Miro gets dumped to the floor and looks like he hurts his leg on the way down, and we get a sloppy spot where he dumps Janela into the crowd and then throws Sabian onto him, but nearly misses and Sabian lands badly on the concrete.  Back in the ring, Sabian distracts Sonny, and Miro lays out Janela with a high kick.  Kiss keeps fighting against both guys, but they hit him with a double-team gutbuster for two.  Janela saves and gets thrown out, so Miro hits Sonny with the superkick and finishes with whatever he’s calling the camel clutch now at 10:43.  Man this was a complete mess and I don’t know what happened, but they were missing stuff left and right and Miro looked rusty as hell and it made for a bad opener.  *1/2

Eddie Kingston joins us before everyone is even out of the ring, and due to his bitching about the battle royale, he’s getting a title shot at Moxley tonight (also due to Lance Archer missing the show via Covid).  HE NEVER SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL and never went to the world of sports entertainment.  So this brings out Moxley , but this wrestling ring on a wrestling show isn’t the time or place for a match, and geeks break it up.

Hangman Page v. Evil Uno

Kenny Omega again joins us on commentary, and now he wants the ranking committee to remove him from the tag team division so that no one would ever confuse him with a yucky tag team wrestler.  Uno goes after the arm to start, but Page boots him down and throws chops in the corner, then follows with a snap suplex for one.  Page drops him with a faceplant and gets the bridging fallaway slam for two, but Uno throws chops at him and gets a backdrop suplex.  Page dumps him and follows with a pescado, but Uno uses the ref for some shenanigans in the corner to take over and we take a break.  Back with Page coming back with a suplex on the apron, the HARDEST PART OF THE RING, and the standing shooting star gets two.  Uno puts him down with a pump kick and goes up with a swanton for two, however.  They just clobber each other with clotheslines, with neither going down, so Page hits the lariat, but tries another shooting star and Uno cradles for two.  Page comes back with a powerbomb after the ref acts shady again in Uno’s favor, but Page finishes him with the buckshot lariat at 11:14 anyway.  Good match!  ***

Meanwhile, Tony gets invited to the Young Bucks’ dressing room, and Matt admits that he probably shouldn’t have superkicked “Alex whatshisface” or the referee guy.  But they’re having a rough time, which makes it OK, and they’ll do better.  Tony asks about FTR and Matt’s not into that question and smashes Tony’s phone in frustration, then throws a wad of cash at him as an apology.  Well that’s nice.   Dickhead Bucks are the best Bucks.

TNT title:  Mr. Brodie Lee v. Orange Cassidy

This is a real interesting one.  Tony, meanwhile, reassures us that he’s on the cloud and all his pictures are backed up.  Whew.  But did he have Applecare?  Because it’s made exactly for situations like this and then he only needs to drop $100 on a new phone and he can spend the rest on something else nice for himself.  Maybe a second phone!  John Silver steals Orange’s jean jacket and stomps the hell out of it, which is a capital offense in Canada I should point out.  Orange goes right to the pockets and throws the shin kicks, but Brodie slugs him down and gets rid of the sunglasses.  Cassidy dropkicks him to the floor, and Brodie chats with the Dark Order, allowing Cassidy to hit them with a dive.  But they catch it, and then Lee hits them all with his own dive.  Brodie puts the beats on him outside with chops, and back in for an elbowdrop that gets two.  Brodie throws another chop and sends Orange out for more punishment, and back in for the Truckstop slam for two.  We take a break and return with Brodie hitting a half nelson suplex, dropping Orange on his head twice, and he’s kind of a ragdoll.  Brodie wants the discus lariat, but Orange won’t stay stood up for it, and Lee isn’t amused.  But Orange was playing possum and gets a rollup for two, then dumps Lee and follows with a tope to send Brodie into the railing.  He fights off the Dark Order and hits a stunner on Lee in the ring, then goes up with a diving DDT, but both guys are out.  Orange with a punt, but Brodie gets more angry now, so Orange hits another DDT and an Air Raid Crash for two.  Silver runs in and gets taken out, but that allows Brodie to hit the lariat and finish to retain at 11:42.  **1/2  I gotta say, they’re kind of wasting the effort put in by Jericho towards getting Cassidy over by having him lose here so soon.  This would have been the right time and place for a DQ or countout finish, I think.  But then the lights go out and Dark Cody makes his return with black hair and black suit, looking like Gerard Way from Black Parade era, and takes out the Dark Order.  Which would have been way more effective if they hadn’t already brought Cody back for his game show announcement.  Also Cody lost his title fair and square and got his ass kicked so he really doesn’t have much place to be all mad.

We take a break, and Mr. Brodie Lee cuts a hell of a promo backstage, challenging Cody to a dog collar match so he can cover up “that god forsaken tattoo” and beat some sense into him.

Matt Hardy and Private Party join us, as Matt is still unsure who attacked him last week, but he’s pretty sure Jericho is a strong suspect.  So this brings out the Inner Circle (“Happy birthday Matt, NO ONE GIVES A S---!”) complete with healed up Sammy Guevara.  So Private Party actually do promos and Kassidy issues a challenge to Jericho NEXT WEEK.

FTR joins Tony for an interview, and Tully is changing the rules so that their matches are now 20 minute time limits on TV, and they get to pick the opponents.  So next week, SCU gets a 20 minute Brush with Greatness and if the challengers can’t win in 20 minutes, FTR are the winners.  But they’re not giving out title shots to Best Friends, because they’re gloried backyard wrestlers, so this brings out Trent and Chuck and it’s on right now.

FTR v. Best Friends

HOLD ON.  Cash would feel too bad about giving them a title shot when they’re still banged up from the parking lot brawl last week, so maybe it’ll happen some other time.  Which makes them WEENIES in Chuck’s opinion.

Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa v. Ivelisse & Diamante

The heels quickly double-team Shida after getting rid of Rosa, and a double suplex on Shida gets two for Diamante.  Rosa and Shida hit her with double running kicks on the apron, however, and Shida suplexes Rosa onto Diamante for two.  Rosa gets trapped in the other corner and kicked down for two and they lose the track again.  Ivelisse gets a suplex for two and Diamante comes in with a chinlock, and oddly enough they throw to a PIP break for TNT but TSN stays with the feed and just keeps going.  The heels switch off with chinlocks on Rosa, but she comes back with a missile dropkick on Ivelisse and makes the hot tag to Shida.  The heels try a double suplex and they all stumble around AGAIN before Shida suplexes Ivelisse into Diamante in the corner and follows with a suplex on Diamante for two.  Rosa gets a hot tag and it’s another mess as they’re all over the place, but Shida hits the Falcon Arrow on Diamante for two.  And then thankfully she finishes with the knee strike at 8:14 to put this thing out of its misery.  Rosa has been pulling some really good matches out of the other women lately but this was NOT one of them.  ½*

Meanwhile, Jericho accepts the challenge from Kassidy and he’s gonna give him SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS with his fists, but MJF interrupts and he’s got nothing but respect for Jericho.  They both agree that each other is great…but then they both reveal that they saw the “What a loser” comment on Dynamite two weeks ago.  But they both lie about it and shift the blame elsewhere and they’re cool again.

AEW World title:  Jon Moxley v. Eddie Kingston

Sucks that Will Hobbs doesn’t get his big showcase.  Eddie takes him down with a headlock but Mox tries a hammerlock and Kingston makes the ropes.  So they exchange chops and that’s pretty nasty as Eddie just UNLOADS on him.  Kingston with an enzuigiri and a clothesline to put him down and Moxley ends up on the floor, as they destroy the table at ringside and we take a break.  Back with Kingston holding a chinlock in the ring, but Mox fights out and they just chop the f--- out of each other again.  Mox puts him down with a lariat and tosses him out for a tope suicida, and back in for some knees and a piledriver for two.  Mox throws elbows in the corner, but Kingston brings him out with a powerbomb for two.  They exchange more chops, but Mox throws a german suplex and then Kingston pops up and hits a pair of backdrop drivers for two.  Not enough body on body as JR likes to say, with that cover.  More chops from Kingston.  STOP THE DAMN MATCH, THAT MAN’S CHEST HAS A FAMILY!   But Mox jumps on his back with a sleeper and then turns it into a bulldog choke to finish at 11:24.  Jesus this was quite the main event fight to end on a high note.  ***3/4  But he doesn’t get to celebrate because the Lucha Brothers attack him, leaving Will Hobbs to get his shine by making the save and laying all three heels out.  But then the tide turns again with a double superkick and Darby Allin makes the second save, which I assume sets up a six-man next week, but then Ricky Starks spears HIM and the heels stand tall to end the show.

Yeah I liked the Tuesday late night show way better.  Two great matches and it FLEW by, whereas tonight’s show featured a very un-AEW-like pair of matches that were just a huge mess and also stuff like teasing the FTR/Best Friends match and then immediately yanking it away.  The main event was GREAT though and Eddie Kingston is somehow making himself into a star after all these years and I’m all about it.

Regardless, this was an incredibly easy 3 hours of wrestling total tonight and still mostly breezed by, so you can’t hate on that.