Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #387 (23/09/2000)

Hello You!

We’re 8 days out for Anarchy Rulz 2000. The big matches they are hyping for the show include Justin Credible Vs Jerry Lynn and Rhino Vs Rob Van Dam. That’s a solid top two bouts and I’m sure they’ll hype them up even more this week.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from Ontario, Canada

Calling the action is Joey Styles

Joey does the big intro in the ring and the Canadian crowd are JAZZED for some ECW!

Opening Match
CW Anderson Vs Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso

Joey puts CW over on commentary, noting his recent wins over Raven, Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lynn. We get a bunch of stalling in the early going, with CW seeming a bit overawed by the occasion whilst RVD does his usual hotdogging. This would be a rare occasion where some judicious Hardcore TV editing wouldn’t go amiss so we could get to the actual meat and potatoes of the match, as this is dragging and CW looks totally out of character for just standing there and letting RVD taunt without trying to attack him.

When the wrestling finally starts we get a prolonged shine for RVD, as he works CW over for quite a while. Getting a lot of cool offence and popping the crowd makes RVD look like a genuine star, but it doesn’t really help with the notion that CW is a guy we should all take seriously when he’s getting whupped so convincingly and hasn’t really been allowed to show off any of his strengths.

CW finally manages to catch RVD with a super kick and takes over for a bit, with his offence having a nice snap to it. Fonzie even takes a bump at one stage when CW flings him over the railings into the first row. Okay, this is much better and makes CW look like an actual wrestler who can bring it rather than just a crash test dummy there to take RVD’s moves. RVD sells CW’s strikes and suplexes well, and the crowd gets behind him to make a comeback, which he dutifully does.

RVD gets his usual assortment of flips and chair assisted attacks, with the crowd digging it all, and CW gets to kick out of a bunch of big moves before getting a spine buster on a chair for a good near fall. This one started out looking like it was going to be your typical RVD showcase match with CW just donating his body towards it, but they’ve actually given CW quite a lot here and he’ll certainly gain something from it. Eventually though we get the expected finish, as RVD gets the Van Daminator and then follows up with the Five Star Frogsplash for the three count.


This one took a while to get going but it ended up being a pretty good match by the end

We get a Francine video package. Apparently she’s called out some chicks from Survivor and Joey says it’s gotten some mainstream attention. My dear American’s, is Joey telling truth or porky pies with that one?

We get clips from a Chris Hamrick Vs Nova match that happened earlier in the night. Elektra and Jazz both got involved in the match and Nova ended up winning. Former tag partner Chris Chetti attacks Nova and Jazz following the match and grabs a mic to cut a promo. He makes a mistake of saying he swings a chair better than anyone in ECW, which leads to Balls Mahoney running down to chase him off. Da Baldies attack Balls though to set up a feud there.

Main Event
ECW TV Title
Champ: Kid Kash Vs Mikey Whipwreck w/ The Sinister Minister

This one is quick paced and features mostly back and forth action, with both men getting their share of big moves. They don’t seem to have the best chemistry together at certain points and there’s a bit too much crowd sweetening for my tastes, but the match in general is pretty fun. Sadly Rhino ends up ruining it by running in and attacking both men as we take a break.


Back from the ads, the Kash/Mikey match has been throws out due to Mikey being too hurt from Rhino’s attack, meaning it’s now going to be Kash and Rhino going at it for the belt. Kash gets to use his speed to deliver some dives and rana’s to Rhino, with the crowd getting behind him. It’s probably the best way to work this sort of match, as Rhino is bigger but the speed element allows Kash to hold his own in a believable fashion. Rhino sells a bunch but ends up giving Kash a GORE through a table for the win.


Both matches combined featured some good action

In something I’m not crazy about, Rhino attacks Kash some more following the bout and demands RVD come out for a brawl, which he does and that closes us out.

In Conclusion

This was a good episode but I didn’t like Kash getting treated the way he did at the conclusion of the Main Event. He was competitive in the match itself and looked good, but he was treated almost like enhancement talent following the bout and quickly became an afterthought as it all became about the Rhino Vs RVD feud. Rhino Vs RVD should indeed be hyped up because it’s a feature match on the pay per view, but there was a better way to do it here I think.