Dynamite Kid

I read so much on the friction between the Bulldogs. But let’s say Dynamite Kid never wrecks his back. What changes for the British Bulldogs? Is it obvious they hang around until the steroid scandal because let’s face it they were both on the gas. Do they ever make it to WcW, even the early Nitro days to get some dream matches against the Steiners & LoD? And maybe it’s silly but how about a heel Dynamite Kid reforming the British Bulldogs with Davey Boy in the Hart Foundation angle? Including a heel Matilda? I like it.

I dunno about a heel Matilda but Kid and Johnny Smith were a heel Bulldogs later on as the British Bruisers and the concept was great.  So yeah if they could co-exist without killing each other then I think they’d make it to Nitro and could probably have a top run as heels.