Tuesday Night Streaming Thread

Tonight!  It’s AEW Dark and then a bonus episode of Dynamite whenever the NBA game is over!

I’m not reviewing Dark but I’ll be checking out the Dynamite episode.

And hey, check out what came in the mail from the Pro Wrestling Tees mystery shirt deal today…

LOVE IT!  Cost me an arm and a leg and some jazz hands with shipping, but totally worth it.

In other news, apparently somewhere between “one” and “many” NXT talent have the Covid, although details are sketchy.

RAW’s rating was about the same as last week, which is still terrible.

I’m only at like 50 stars on Mario 64 because I’m old and don’t have all the levels memorized anymore.  GODDAMMIT WHERE’S THAT FRIGGIN’ 8TH RED COIN ALREADY?

Have a pleasant evening.