Son Of Gobbledy Gooker

Imagine everyone in the WWE starts seeing “some sort of creature”. Then they start getting attacked by the mysterious creature. There's artists renditions of what the superstars report seeing. It's sort of half man half bird looking. Finally at a PPV or something

it reveals itself. It's someone wearing a very creepy looking turkey mask/outfit ala The Fiend but ya know….TURKEY themed. He attacks everyone, including The Fiend so there's no mistaking them as allies. Next night on Raw the new terror reveals himself as

The Son Of The Gobbledy Gooker. Ya see his father was once a carefree Turkey Man who loved to dance and entertain only in 1990 the WWE Universe rejected him outright. He was never the same. He horribly beat and abused his family, including his son, and eventually

left or maybe even killed himself (willingly went to a slaughter house?). Well the son is extremely bitter. For what the fans did to his father. For what the incident in turn turned his father into and the f----- up childhood he had because of it. Now he's

here to right this wrong and inflict terror on the WWE universe and every superstar that gets in his way.

What do ya think???????? What would be a good name for this second generation superstar?

Bennett Willis.