AEW DARK: September 22, 2020

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 53, September 22, 2020.

From the AEW Arena.

It’s Excalibur, Taz, and Veda on the call.

Tonight! Three feature-style bouts coming your way! Eddie Kingston looks to lead by example against the New Hollywood Blondes’ Brian Pillman Jr.! Two men who began as enhancements and are now feature players face off when Will Hobbs battles Serpentico! And in our presumed main event, it’s Ricky Starks going against Christopher Daniels! Plus – Serena Deeb’s official AEW debut as a full-timer, someone gets their first ever win, and more tag team action than you can shake a stick at!

Fuego Del Sol and Rembrandt Lewis (first time teaming) vs. Dark Order #1 and #2 (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) (8-2). Fuego del Sol is wearing all-bright orange which infuriates Taz. Speaking of things worn, Lewis has a fur coat. The rest of the Dark Order (minus Lee and Colt) are on the stage before leaving them to themselves.

Fuego and Grayson start, with Fuego getting some armdrags and a casadora into a facecrusher. Lewis with a dropkick and rolling over a duck-down, which leads to a knee strike… and now Grayson is MAD and gives him a standing uranage. Lewis eats Uno’s boot, and Uno gets an avalanche back elbow into a Grayson clotehsline into an Uno big boot. Uno stands on Lewis’ hair (he has an afro) as Veda and Excalibur give Taz grief over being mad at orange. Uno chops Lewis in the corner and walks him with more chops to the Dark Order corner.

Grayson in, and the Dark Order stomp away. Uno back in, and he absorbs some blows before eating a thrust kick to the gut. Uno cuts off the tag with a back suplex and adds a legdrop. Uno goes ground and pound before throwing Lewis into the corner and bringing in Grayson. Demolition Decapitation by Grayson, Fuego saves with a dropkick. Grayson takes offense to that and throws Lewis to Fuego for the tag, and Fuego comes in and gets turned inside out with a pump kick. Grayson with the Nightfall, and Uno in for a spinning Flatliner to win at 4:13. Absolute slaughter. 1/2* Commentary is stepping all over each other so badly Excalibur apologizes.

Christopher Daniels (3-2 singles) vs. Ricky Starks (7-1). Wait, now? I’m a little surprised this isn’t our main event tonight. (Yes, as you know from the introduction.) Taz asks everyone to be quiet for Starks’ opening riff. Taz: “Who can come on worldwide TV (or YouTube) and messes up their hair and still looks fabulous?” Starks needs to add Razor Ramon’s taunt to giving the jewelry away.

Lockup, and Starks fakes a clean break in the corner to slug away. Starks with a clothesline and he mocks Daniels’ mannerisms. A chop swings and misses, and Daniels with right hands before sliding under a kick and getting an armdrag/armbar combo – and now Daniels mocks Starks’ mannerisms! Starks reverses a second armdrag to a headscissors, but Daniels switches to a front facelock, with Starks reversing to a hammerlock. Daniels reverses, Starks elbows out, and Daniels back to the armdrag/armbar. (Wrestling!)

Starks pushes out and after a criss-cross, he airballs a crossbody. Daniels slams down Starks and (barely) gets a springboard split-legged moonsault for two. (Taz gives him credit for saving the move.) Daniels with a hammer throw and running forearm, then he goes for ten punches. Starks rakes the eyes to stop Daniels, then catches him coming off the ropes and sends him outside. Starks follows and stomps away on Daniels, slamming him into the apron. Back in, it gets two. Starks picks Daniels up, and they exchange forearms.

Starks blocks a suplex with a tight headlock into a swinging neckbreaker for two. Starks nails Daniels in the kidneys before slamming him, but the Power Drive elbow misses and Daniels with a T-Bone suplex. Starks misses an enzuigiri, but blocks an O’Connor Roll only to run into Daniels’ comeback. Daniels with an STO and Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Angels’ Wings attempt, but Starks rushes Daniels into the corner and pulls him out with a lariat for two.

Daniels with a jack-knife for two, reversed for two, reversed for two, reversed for two, and then a double clothesline. Starks goes for Rochambeaux, but Daniels escapes and tries an uranage. Starks armdrags out of it and catches Daniels with a spear for the win at 6:44. This felt like a first-hour Nitro match, and that’s a compliment. **1/4 Starks does air guitar and finger guns to his music as he heads over to commentary for the next few matches.

Puf and Calvin Stewart (debut) vs. The Butcher And The Blade (with Eddie Kingston) (15-6). Puf is something we need more of in wrestling: the wacky athletic dancing fat man. I’m not sure how big, but his billed weight is 420 pounds… okay, with a name like Puf are you surprised?

The heels jump the gun and fire away on both guys. Butcher throws Puf to the outside, and Stewart gets hit with a backbreaker by Butcher and spinning suplex by Blade. Blade clotheslines down Stewart and brings in Butcher, who chops down Stewart and gets a facejam. Butcher tosses Stewart into the corner and chops him so hard the crowd reacts. Blade in with a double headbutt. He chokes Stewart on the middle rope and fishhooks him while he’s at it, then tosses Stewart to the outside where Kingston holds him up for Butcher to lay in more shots.

Back in, Blade casually kicks Stewart and sends him into the corner, following in with a chop that Stewart sells the heck out of. Butcher works over Stewart some more as Veda does a good interview with Starks and Taz on commentary. Butcher slams Stewart, then kicks him hard out of a back body drop attempt. Stewart with a dropkick and hot tag Puf, who runs over Blade a bunch and chops him down with one shot. Blade tries a German suplex, but, yeah, no, Puf with a hip check and one-inch punch.

Puf with a reverse gutwrench on Blade, but Butcher tagged in, and the big men slug it out. Butcher sent for the ride, but Puf “runs” into a boot. Butcher with a crossbody off the second rope. Puf instinctively tags in Stewart, who is instantly given Full Death for the pin at 4:21. Of course Butcher and Blade made Puf look pretty good – they’re all from Buffalo. Stewart sold like he was dying. 3/4*

Serpentico (w/Luther) (2-8) vs. Will Hobbs (2-5). Hey, Hobbs has steam geysers for his entrance! Taz claims that Serpentico’s streamers are due to a VERY talented manicurist; Starks doesn’t question it.

Luther grabs Hobbs’ ankle while the men circle and Serpentico charges, but Hobbs blocks a whip with pure size and chucks him out over the top. On the outside, Hobbs sends Serpentico into the barricade and throws him in before staring down Luther. Serpentico slingshots to the outside, but Hobbs catches him with a stalling suplex. A second suplex follows as Taz and Starks act unimpressed. Hobbs picks Serpentico up by the pants and throws him down, but a charge leads to a SUPERKICK from Serpentico. Roundhouse kick by Serpentico and he goes up with elbows in the corner. A running boot sends Hobbs to the outside, were Luther adds stomps of his own and tosses him into the post.

Starks: “Can we send Luther a bouquet of flowers?”

Taz: “He’d just eat them.”

Back in, Serpentico with the slingshot double stomp for two. A second stomp follows off the cover for a mere one. Serpentico does some wake-up kicks to Hobbs, but he charges into a tilt and a Pounce. Serpentico is up first and goes up, but Hobbs catches him in midair (with no flinching) and wants the Stampede. Luther is on the apron, so Hobbs nails one right to drop him. Serpentico with some back elbows, but he runs into the SPINEBUSTER OF DEATH for the pin at 4:40. Even Starks and Taz were amazed with it. So the punchline here is tomorrow we’re getting Mox/Allin/Hobbs vs Archer/Cage/Starks on Dynamite. *1/2

Dontae Smiley and Maxx Stardom (0-1) vs. The Lucha Bros (Pentagon el 0M and Rey Fenix) (with Eddie Kingston) (8-6). Smiley one-ups Rembrandt Lewis with a full-on mink coat, which makes Starks want it. Lucha Bros get tons of pyro, which makes Taz jealous. Excalibur is trying to stay out of the silliness, while Veda offers to join Team Taz as a jack-of-all-trades expert.

Stardom and Fenix start. Fenix avoids Stardom and gets a waistlock, but Stardom with a sunset flip try into a Gedo Clutch for two, but Fenix follows with a camel clutch. Fenix chops Stardom hard and goes to the ropes, eventually sliding in, out, and around the ropes to get a through the ropes armbar. Penta in, and the Bros get the Paradise Lock on Stardom before kicking his ass (literally). Penta with a SUPERKICK on Stardom and he slaps him in the face. Fenix back in, and the Bros get a Wazzup Stomp Drop. Fenix pulls Stardom up at one and we HIT THE CHINLOCK.

Penta tags in and hangs Stardom’s leg on the second rope before getting a running kick on it (I love that spot). Penta with a snapmare and surfboard, then he brings Fenix in. Fenix chops Stardom in the corner and brings Penta back in, but Stardom fights both men off and gets the hot tag to Smiley, who leaps OVER Penta to dropkick Fenix! Smiley with a cradle suplex on Fenix and he brings back Stardom. Manhattan Drop into a wishbone by the challengers, and Smiley dives onto Fenix. Stardom goes up, but he dives into boots, and the Pentagon Driver gets two, Smiley saves. Fenix gives Smiley a missile dropkick, and it’s an assisted package piledriver to end Stardom at 5:16. Dontae Smiley should be national TV ready in a couple years. *1/4

Ryzin and Xander Gold (first time teaming) vs. Dark Order #5 and #10 (Alan Angels and Preston Vance) (w/everyone else) (0-1). Ryzin is still excited by seeing an entrance video for himself. Gold looks to be rather no-nonsense. And as before, the Dark Order have their mates with them. Taz: “I don’t trust anyone whose name begins with X.” Excalibur: “Good thing my name starts with E.”

Angels and Gold start. Gold works the arm of Angels, but Angels reverses with two-on-one wrist control. Gold gets the arm back, and both men get armdrags blocked before Angels gets a headlock. Gold reverses, and after a break, Angels and Gold do standing switches. Gold blocks an O’Connor Roll, but he’s thrown into the corner and lariated by Angels. Vance in, and he gives Gold a BACK body drop. Angels with a missile dropkick, and Vance gets two off of it. Ryzin in now (with Vance’s insistence), and the two shove each other.

Ryzin gets a leg lariat for one, but Vance runs Ryzin into a roundhouse kick by Angels. KO Punch gets two. Vance chops Ryzin, then brings Angels in. Both men chop Ryzin, then Vance gives Ryzin a ripcord cutter for two. Vance knocks Gold off the apron, but a blind charge to Ryzin hits boot. Ryzin with a falling neckbreaker… but Gold is knocked down so no tag. Running moonsault misses, and Angels stops Ryzin’s tag… for about three seconds. Gold with forearms to Angels, and he leaps to the top rope from the mat to backflip over Angels!

Big hiptoss and dropkick by Gold, and a Northern Lights gets two. Roundhouse kick and he goes up, but Angels shoves him off and tags in Vance. Angels distracts Gold with a chase, which leads to a Vance spinebuster, Ryzin saves. Hook kick / pump kick combo to Ryzin, and an alley-oop DDT to Ryzin sends him packing. Gold tries to crossbody both, but he’s caught and a double-stomp / powerslam combo wins it at 5:53. Xander Gold has something here, but it’s too soon to know if he’s TV ready. I do, however, want to see more matches with him. This match was a billion times better than I thought it would be. *3/4

The Buffalo Boys (Kevin Blackwood and Daniel Garcia) (0-1) vs. The New New Midnight Express (Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss) (7-3). No, Janela and Kiss aren’t called that, but Janela said he was thinking about it just to tweak Jim Cornette. Veda re-iterates that Garcia and Blackwood by all rights should be dead after a frightening car wreck.

Garcia and Janela start. It’s a test of strength, with Garcia avoiding a monkey flip and working for wrist control. He gets a hammerlock, but Janela snapmares out of it and gets a cravat. Garcia goes to the ropes. Janela and Garcia with waistlocks on each other, and it ends with Garcia chopping Janela. They fight over a wristlock, with Garcia yanking Janela down by the hair. Janela pops up with a running back elbow and Kiss comes in. Double Japanese armdrag, then Janela and Kiss with consecutive atomic drops.

Kiss… um… taunts Garcia with twerking behind his back, and Garcia brings in Blackwood. Blackwood with a cradle for one, but a headscissors by Kiss leads to a handspring slap. Blackwood is mad and misses a lariat, so Kiss with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and single-leg dropkick. Starks and Taz talk about how nimble Kiss is as he Matrix dodges Blackwood, but Garcia with a lariat on his own off a blind tag for two. Taz calls Starks not just nimble, but supple, which leaves Veda speechless. Blackwood with a back elbow in the corner, and he tosses Kiss into a Garcia running forearm. Blackwood with a cravat to pick Kiss up into a forearm, and Garcia returns with a kick and teasing Kiss to tag.

Garcia with a butterfly suplex for two. Garcia with a bow-and-arrow stretch on Kiss, and Blackwood enters to kick away on Kiss, ending with one to the back of the head for two. Blackwood tries a single-leg, but Kiss kicks away to stop it from being turned over. Enzuigiri by Kiss, but Garcia tries to stop the tag. Kiss backflips into the hot tag as Janela missile dropkicks Garcia and catapults Blackwood onto Garcia.

Janela with a rolling Death Valley Driver to Blackwood, and he throws Garcia into Blackwood. SUPERKICK to Garcia and the Buffalo Boys are ejected, so Janela goes up top and dives onto both of them. Back in, Janela with a spinning suplex to Garcia for two. Janela says it’s over and tags in Kiss, and Janela with a DDT on Garcia as Kiss goes up. Splits legdrop gets the pin at 7:19. Of course this match was worth watching. **1/2

M’Badu and Cruz (first time teaming) vs. Gunn Club (Billy and Austin) (w/Kolton Gunn) (6-0). M’Badu looked good when we saw him last time. Cruz looks like an extra from Guys and Dolls, but he brings the Nigerian flag with him for M’Badu. Austin steals Starks’ pose on the way to the ring. Guess how Starks and Taz take that. Billy does some ballroom dancing with Aubrey Edwards to the faux-DX music.

Billy and M’Badu start. Billy with the headlock, and we go International~! Ending with Billy blocking a hiptoss and getting a backslide for two. M’Badu gets a mule kick to Billy and throws him across the ring, but a blind charge hits uppercut and Billy gets a lariat for two. Taz, meanwhile, is joking about showing a drive-in movie on Brian Cage’s back as Austin comes in with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to force a tag to Cruz. Austin with a low dropkick and Oklahoma Roll for two.

Cruz goes CLUBBERIN, THEY BE CLUBBERING TONY, then blocks an O’Connor Roll and lariats Austin. Cruz with an elbowdrop for one (as he seems lost as to which ropes to run off of), then he brings in M’Badu. M’Badu pounds away on Austin and steps on his throat. Austin chops away to fight back, but he runs into a powerslam for two. M’Badu backs Austin into the corner and slugs him down, but a Stinger Splash airballs and Billy gets the hot tag. Billy pounds away on Cruz and dumps M’Badu, then gives Cruz an avalanche. He teases the Suck It Famouser, and it connects for the pin at 4:09. I only do three stars, but Cruz may be 174th on the list. M’Badu deserves better in this match. *1/4

KiLynn King (0-8) vs. Serena Deeb (0-1). Deeb just signed earlier in the week, so this is her first match on the roster. I’m all in on Serena because she’s from Fairfax County.

They lock up, and King drags Deeb down. Deeb reverses, the lockup still on, before King gets a wristlock. Deeb goes in, out, and around to reverses and take King down. A test of strength type cover gets two with King bridging out. A cradle gets two, but King kicks out into a wacky submission. King stacks Deeb for two, then trips Deeb and gets an armbar. Deeb rolls out and slips out of a slam, and Deeb with an armdrag and armbar of her own. Deeb throws King’s hands down, but King breaks a knuckle lock and throws Deeb into a Hotshot. King tosses Deeb into the corner and gets double knees, getting two.

King HITS THE CHINLOCK, but Deeb snapmares out. King recovers on Deeb, but gets dragged into a straitjacket neckbreaker. Deeb with left hands and a kneelift to King, then a clothesline. King reverses a whip but misses a charge, and Deeb gets a chancery on the apron to guillotine King on the ropes. Gedo Clutch gets two for Deeb. King kicks away, nailing a spin enzuigiri, but Deeb blocks the German suplex and gets a Party Foul and Tequila Sunrise (Serenity Lock) for the submission at 4:42. If you only get five minutes, make the most of them. **

Ben Carter (0-2) vs. Lee Johnson (0-12). After Carter scared the pants off of Starks last time, and given he’ll be on later tonight, he seems the favorite. Excalibur talks about how these two are two of the hottest prospects in AEW. Starks talks about how he’s faced both guys and beaten both.

The two wave at each other to start, and they grapple on the ground. Johnson gets a couple of pinning predicaments before they reset. Carter seems impressed. They lock up now, and Carter works the arm, but Johnson reverses with top wrist control. Carter also uses gymnastics to take control, but Johnson kicks away Carter and both men kip up. Starks says both men are phenomenal – high praise indeed – as we get the Code of Honor.

Johnson with a headlock, and after a cross-whip, Carter holds on to avoid a Johnson dropkick… but runs into a second one. Johnson moves in with the uppercut, but Carter goes up-and-over and catches a charging Johnson with a Complete Shot into the middle corner. Carter with a big chop in the corner, returned by Johnson. Carter wins this exchange and gets a running chop in the corner, followed by a snap suplex for two. Carter gets a grounded headlock, guiding Johnson up. Johnson elbows out , but Carter ducks underneath and does a rolling crab into an STF!

Johnson makes the ropes as Taz says he might want either one in their Team. Carter puts Johnson up top and follows, teasing a superplex. Johnson headbutts him down, but Carter dropkicks a seated Johnson before heading back up and completing the superplex… rolling into a suplex try, but Johnson gets a small package for two. Both men with big boots, kip ups, and pump kicks at the same time for the double KO which pops the hell out of the crowd.

They slug it out on their knees, both fighting up, with Carter firing off machine gun forearms only to run into a martial arts flurry. Carter teases the Asai DDT, but Johnson with a snapmare and Blue Thunder Bomb for a very close two. Johnson forearms Carter into the ropes and charges, but Carter sends him to the floor with a backdrop and enzuigiri. Carter waits for Johnson to get up and tries a quebrada, but nobody home, so Carter lands on his feet… and gets bowled over with a somersault hilo by Johnson! Johnson throws Carter in and taunts… and Carter returns the somersault hilo!

Back in, Carter goes up, but nobody home on the Phoenix Splash and Johnson with a Death Valley Driver for two. Heel kick gets two as the crowd is dying on each near fall. Johnson pulls off the wrist tape and goes up, but Carter catches him and it’s the Spanish Fly into a SUPERKICK for another close two. Carter bounces up, and the frog splash ends it at 9:46. Best AEW Dark singles match I’ve seen. ***1/2 These two men are both in their early 20s. They’re going to get better, and they’re the future of AEW. I hope they put this match up solo for you all to watch Friday because it is WORTH ALL OF IT.

Brian Pillman Jr. (0-2 singles) vs. Eddie Kingston (1-1). Excalibur recaps what Kingston said/did on Dynamite. Veda thinks she knows what Kingston meant by “get your house in order”, but thinks it’s not appropriate for AEW.

Lockup, but Kingston breaks it and asks for a second try. Instead he kicks Pillman and headlocks him, but Pillman reverses. Pillman tackles down Kingston, who bails shortly before returning. Shoving match, won by Pillman, and Kingston seems to realize this won’t be easy. Pillman back to the headlock, getting a crossbody for one off the shove-off. Pillman with armdrags and a dropkick and Kingston again bails. Excalibur notes the probable story: whomever can control the match style wiill win.

To prove it, Kingston baits Pillman into going to the apron and drops him chin-first on the apron before Hotshotting him on the guardrail. Back in, Kingston half-heartedly slams Pillman and kicks him in the back. He clubs Pillman to put him in the corner, then chops Pillman. Pillman tries to fight back, so Kingston slaps him down. Kingston with a snapmare and soccer kick and he seems bored. Hammer throw by Kingston as Taz explains Kingston is in it for the winners’ share of the purse. A second Hammer Throw follows as Kingston walks over and kicks on Pillman.

Pillman tries forearms, but Kingston slugs him down and clubs him in the back. Pillman stops a corner whip and gets a thrust kick to the gut, and a diving sunsert flip gets two. Crucifix try, but Kingston with a Samoan Drop. Kingston with a headlock, but Pillman chops out of it. He delivers an uppercut and turns around to run… so Kingston gives him a Northern Lariat. Kingston keeps smacking Pillman around on the head before pulling him up, and a snapmare and chop follows. Back to a crossface headlock by Kingston, but Pillman fights up and has had enough of being clubbed.

Pillman fires back and chops Kingston before throwing him into as many turnbuckles as he can. Corner whip and he chops Kingston hard, then another corner whip and SUPERKICK sends Kingston bailing. Pillman follows with a tope dropkick, and back in, Air Pillman gets two. Pillman is too tired to follow up (Veda notes the inexperience), and Kingston with a jawbreaker and head-and-arm suplex for two (Pillman is in the ropes).

Kingston PULLS THE STRAPS DOWN and signals for the Backfist to the Future, but Pillman with an enzuigiri and pumphandle bomb for a two-count the crowd was ready to buy as the finish. Kingston catches a running Pillman with the Kitchen Sink, and Backfist to the Future ends it at 9:04. Kingston’s a ring general, Pillman’s an athlete, and they told a very nice story. What more do you want? **3/4


  • Brodie Lee defends the TNT Title against Orange Cassidy!
  • Archer! Cage! Starks! Moxley! Allin! Hobbs! Six-man mania!
  • Hikaru Shida teams with Thunder Rosa to face Ivelisse and Diamate!
  • And More!

I won’t give names, but earlier today I was hanging out in the Day Thread (one of us writers has to) and ran down the AEW Dark card. Someone responded with disappointment that none of the matches were tossups – you could easily predict every winner tonight – and said “why have a show full of squashes”. It’s time to make something clear: just because a match winner is obvious doesn’t mean it’s a squash. I’ve seen dozens of matches, from backstage or from the crowd, where everyone knew the winner ahead of time but it was NOT a squash.

Let’s call these matches formalities.

What we saw tonight was a mix of squashes, sure, but also formalities. The difference? What the loser can do. Look at, for example, Uno/Grayson vs Fuego/Lewis. The enhancement guys got maybe one or two moves at the start, and then the rest was the Dark Order. That’s a squash – there was never a time when anyone could even pretend the losers were close to having a prayer of winning. Squashes are useful, but in moderation. When used right for a Will Hobbs or Brian Cage, they emphasize the dominance of one wrestler, with the other not mattering.

Now, let’s look at Janela/Kiss vs Buffalo Boys, or Kingston vs Pillman. Garcia and Blackwood were able to get some heat on Kiss that was more than token, and they forced the duo to expend energy to win (Janela was forced to rest on the stage while the three-count happened). Pillman, meanwhile, took advantage of Kingston thinking he had a squash and nearly stole the victory. Sure, we all knew there would be no surprise winner, but even so – the losers weren’t afterthoughts. They were formalities, and a formality can build UP the loser like those two matches arguably did.

Okay, lecture over, let’s talk Carter vs. Johnson. WOW. Now, I admit I’ve only been doing this for a few months and I missed the Moxley/Anthony match. But these two were going at it like they would never get another chance to shine. It was an incredible display of athleticism, and both men got to show off for ten incredible minutes. If the two men aren’t fully signed, now is the time to do it before NXT realizes they’re on to something and steals them.

Tonight is the kind of show that has more variety than it lets on. You can also see that inexperienced wrestlers miss something compared to the ones who are lifers. There’s always a moment when the flow of a match becomes second nature; in new wrestlers, that results in big moves and a pause as you can see the gears run in their head for what to follow up with. (Yes, if you saw me in the ring, you’d see it in spades.) But when someone becomes fully confident in the ring, it’s no longer “pause and compute what’s next”, it’s more fluid. It’s about knowing what to do, even if it’s not a move.

Back to Kingston and Pillman, for example: Pillman had Kingston down and did not know what to do next, and it was clear that he was thinking of what to do next to the point that Veda Scott talked about it. (Not that she shouldn’t have.) Kingston, meanwhile, also had gaps between moves, but he did things while in it. Even something as simple as gesticulating and giving love taps to your opponent is a thing to establish character. In Kingston’s case, it also forwarded the story that he felt above his opponent.

So the bottom line, if you want to learn how to view wrestling more in-depth, and how to make a match without much surprise to the outcome fun and interesting… well, watch this show.


BELL TO BELL – 66:07 over eleven matches (average time 6:01)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT – Carter/Johnson


  1. Ben Carter
  2. Brian Pillman Jr.
  3. Lee Johnson

Hey, I’m going to work early tomorrow and I wish I could stay up with you for Dynamite Extra, but have fun!