WWF Action Zone – May 21st, 1995

After a vacation I’m all rested and ready to resume these recaps.

May 21, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is Sid vs. Bob Holly

Sid warns Holly that he will not stop beating him as he is the master and ruler of the world.


The Undertaker defeats Mike Bell from the 5/21 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


A still photo package of the Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler match from “In Your House.” We then hear from Bret who says Lawler has embarrassed him in front of the world and will confront the “scum” on RAW.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeats Bert Centeno from the 5/21 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The clip from In Your House where Pettengill & Stephanie Wiand called up the winner of the Orlando vacation home.


Barry Didinsky is showing off the new Shawn Michaels t-shirt you can get for $20, plus the $3.95 for shipping and handling.


The Bushwhackers defeat Brooklyn Brawler & Barry Horowitz from the 5/21 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We hear Bob Backlund’s announcement from RAW that he will be running for president.


The clip from RAW where DiBiase challenges Diesel & Bigelow to face Sid & Tatanka plus the confrontation between those four after Bigelow defeated IRS.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Sid w/ Ted DiBiase

Holly fires away to start. He gets a crossbody for just a one count then fires away before sending Sid through the ropes with a dropkick. Sid paces around angrily on the outside then returns to beat on Holly in the corner. The crowd chants for Diesel then Sid clotheslines Holly and looks around. Holly fights back but runs into a big boot as Sid once again stares at the crowd. Sid then hits a leg drop as Holly rolls around on the mat and stops once again to taunt the crowd. Sid chokes out Holly with the ropes then taunts the crowd again as he yells about ruling the world. Tatanka now heads out to ringside as he gives Sid some encouragement. Sid punches down Holly then connects with a running kick. Sid hits another kick and grinds Holly’s face into the mat. Sid cuts off a comeback attempt and drops Holly throat-first on the top rope. Sid now yells about Diesel before using a scoop slam and again stops to look around at the crowd. Holly is able to avoid a leg drop then ducks a punch and fires away. Holly gets another one count with a crossbody then after a reversal on the mat, Sid kips up and chokeslams Holly then after that uses a powerbomb for the win (8:17) 1/2*.

Thoughts: I’ll give credit for Holly as he showed great fire and created movement around Sid when needed but this match should have lasted half as long as it did with Sid’s prolonged playing to the crowd making this much longer than necessary. I guess they needed to fill time and knew Sid was s--- in the ring so this was the result. Holly’s midcard push seems to have ended (and boy will that be clear in several weeks) since he was not considered to be Razor’s partner at In Your House plus no longer is in line for any house show IC Title matches.


Still photo package of Razor vs. Jeff Jarrett & Roadie from In Your House followed by Savio Vega’s promo from RAW and Savio helping Razor fight off Jacob & Eli Blu from “Superstars.”


Now we get a hype video for next week’s Savio Vega vs. Eli Blu match.


Aldo Montoya defeats Nick Barberry from the 5/21 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Final Thoughts: The featured match wasn’t much and next week is a continuation of the end to the Razor Ramon vs. Jacob Blu King of the Ring qualifying match as the road to King of the Ring continues.

However, the real story was behind the scenes. There was a company meeting on 5/18 at Titan Towers were the talent got a tour of the facility which was followed by the meeting. The wrestlers were given a speech from Vince talking about how there were signs of a financial turnaround then were told about a new, stricter drug policy. And besides the policy, wrestlers in shoot interviews said (which does not appear to be reported in the newsletters) that there was a lot of conflict between the wrestlers. I’ll get into some of those stories in the coming weeks. Here is what was written in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” by Dave Meltzer with regards to the new policy:

“During the meeting, J.J. Dillon informed wrestlers of a new drug policy which if enforced to the letter and there was no hint whatsoever that it wouldn’t be, would be easily the most stringent in any sport or entertainment company. Within the policy, marijuana has been reclassified to the same position as anabolic steroids and cocaine in that a positive test result constitutes a six-week suspension on first offense, suspension and rehab on second offense and termination on third offense. Previously it is believed marijuana positives were subject to fines but not suspensions, at least on first offense. Unlike cocaine (72 hours clearance time) and certain steroids, which can clear the body quickly, marijuana has a long half-life in the body which means usage can result in a positive on a test for weeks. More importantly, the company has drastically cracked down in its policy as it pertains to prescription drugs. Wrestlers using prescription drugs, in the case of wrestlers it would most often constitute pain killers, have to show the prescription to the office at the time of testing and give the company information to contact the doctor for verification. A positive for any drug that someone doesn’t have a prescription for comes with the same penalties as a positive for cocaine or steroids. In addition, if someone gives someone some of their prescription drugs while on the road, not only the person testing positive, but if found out, the person supplying, are both subject to six week suspensions. There was a complaint that this policy could turn a lot of wrestlers into alcoholics because the very nature of bump taking, world-wide travelling, frequent changing of time zones and the need for sleep makes some drug use a necessity just to survive in many people’s eyes and there were complaints that those in the office and the doctors who came up with the policy had never lived the wrestling lifestyle and didn’t understand how grueling it is and the measures necessary to survive doing it. One WWF performer told us because of the schedule, in particular to traveling to Europe and back, that just being on the road with that type of schedule turns the wrestlers into zombies and many wrestlers have used alcohol or downers just to sleep because of the constant changing time zones, physical aggravation from injuries and simply being keyed up from performing something athletic every night. At the same time, the company is well aware that because of its past and the reputation it carries with it because of that past, things like drug busts, overdoses or deaths, which have all occurred with prominence within this profession, could be a nightmare if it were to happen internally.”