Sunday Night Reset: September 20, 2020

Tonight, Shieldball presents New England facing Seattle.

Time for the Craziest Idea I Kinda Want To See Them Do: Toru Yano making the G1 final.  Yes, it would be telegraphing the finish, but the entire G1 being this story of “wait, Yano’s still winning — they wouldn’t dare, would they?” would be SO worth it to see some internet folks’ heads explode.

I would settle for there being one wrestler who, at the end of the day, realizes that he would’ve won the block had he beaten Yano and makes it a point to get even.  That would be a fun story coming out of it.

I mean, the point is, he’s there, do something with him.

Anyway, here it is, your AEW Dark Match of the Night: