nWo controlled by DOD?

Hear me out on this. Kevin Sullivan promised to rid the world of Hulkamania. He promised to drive Hogan to the dark side and bring a dark era upon WCW. I believe he promised to do the same to Sting at one point. The Dungeon Of Doom promised “untold prophecies” that unfolded after their “demise”. Well Hulk turned heel and went dark. The dark era on wcw, from a storyline standpoint, was WCW vs. nWo. Sting went dark when he went Crow. The untold prophecies were the nWo itself. Also in conspiracy theories the “New World Order” are often just the public fronted politicians and puppets doing the bidding of nefarious and often supernatural ring leaders. Well it would stand to reason that the nWo would be the cool heels that they absolutely were to get footing with the people all the while doing the bidding of the more “cartoonish” but REAL ring leaders Kevin Sullivan and the demons of the Dungeon Of Doom.

It makes perfect sense and what a twist it would have been to end the angle on!

We’ve been staring at the real truth all this time!