Miro’s debut

So Miro's debut was pretty underwhelming. On one hand, this continues the string of 'meh' debuts stretching all the way back to day 1.

But if Miro had debuted in a more traditional manner, kicking somebody's ass and telling the world he's a badass, then what? You have another wrestler who made a statement or put the locker room on notice or whatever generic nonesense we've heard for years. 

AEW has had much better luck pairing people up and just letting them do stuff. The Dark Order got much better just hanging out and dicking around, while pairing two Jersey misfits like Sonny Kiss and Joey Janella to drive around automatically makes them better.

Miro got over as Rusev for being a charming, beefy, and weird, not because he was intimidating. So having him hang out with Kip/Penelope and do Rusev/Miro stuff seems like a better plan then “I'm here and I want a title”

Sure, but there's also a big gap in between “I'm here I want a title” and “Second banana to comedy heel Kip Sabian” where they could have slotted him a little higher.  I dunno, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it's just such a weird place to slot him.