On request… Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics

As suggested by riraho, I’m looking at Laff-A-Lympics, specifically the ones set in England. The concept is that all the Hanna-Barbera characters that could be mustered compete with one another in Olympics-style games in different countries and places around the world. Characters are divided up into three teams – the Scooby Doobies, which I’m just shocked got past the censors, the Yogi Yahooeys, and the Really Rottens, who are captained by the Dread Baron and Mumbly, barely disguised copies of Dick Dastardly and Muttley (why not just call them Rick Rotten and Roughly?). My knowledge of the show is minimal, so it’s going to be first reactions pretty much, although I have watched the episodes a LONG time ago.

Acapulco and England

Within the first minute, we get a “jolly old” reference. Snagglepuss is the host with Mildew Wolf co-hosting, both camp as Christmas but still far more manly than Michael Cole. It’s cliff diving first, with Yogi aiming for the water but landing in a boat due to sabotage from Mumbly. He gets nil points and has to like it. The Dalton Brothers go for it, but the water disappears, so the big one slobbers in the gorge to fill it back up (and empty it again when he lands). Dynomutt uses performance enhancing robotic implants to get 32 points.

Now underwater for a relay race, which Mumbly wins against Blue Falcon and Doggie Daddy (which sounds like a sexual position) due to foul play. Guest referee Jabberjaw reverses the decision like it’s a heel version of the Dusty finish.

Finally, a speed boat race. The Yogi boat stalls, then flies, into third place. The Rottens chase and then overtake the Scooby Pot Smokers due to illegal use of magic from the Great Fondoo. Gotta say, the Scooby Gang really take a backseat in the episode and let the other characters shine. The Yogi regain the lead and win.

And now to England, with a funky version of Rule Britannia playing. We’re by Big Ben and Tower Bridge. First event here is a climb up the clock tower, with newly-knighted Sir Yogi presenting Quick Draw McGraw to compete against Dinky Dalton and Shaggy. Dinky has no hope, so Shaggy and Quick Draw (with plungers tied to his legs) race against each other. Snagglepuss fucks up by cutting Shaggy’s rope with his helicopter rotor. Dinky says to heck with it and just catapults his smaller brothers to the top.

Next up, a foxhunt, which seems incredibly politically incorrect now given majority views on foxhunting. The fox outfoxes the competitors and chases everyone up a tree. He gets declared the winner.

Final event, skateboard polo, which Magic Rabbit turns into a game of snooker. The Scooby Blunts would score, but Dynomutt keeps on fetching the ball before it goes through. Sir Yogi uses some glue to get a goal too. The Rottens cheat to win, but the Dread Baron and Mumbly are penalised for impersonating a police officer, so the Scooby Wacky Baccies win by reverse decision. I’m as shocked as you are.

Egypt and Sherwood Forest

ANOTHER “jolly old” reference within the introduction – that’s just cheap and lazy! The Dread Baron and Mumbly see off Snagglepuss and Mildew in a mummy disguise, although in fairness Mumbly wasn’t even disguised and just at the feet of Baron, so if they’d looked down they’d have seen through the plot.

We start with a race to the top of the Pyramid. Baron and Mumbly interfere through hatches to stop the other teams. Yogi and Boo-Boo slip through one and Yogi is perplexed.

Yogi: “How we gonna get to the top now? With an elevator?!”

Boo-Boo: “Yeah.” (points to an elevator in the middle of the Pyramid)

Speed Buggy and Tinker are the first winners, though.

Next, a camel race. Scooby-Dum is facing the wrong way but the camel heads off on threat of being turned into a coat. The Great Fondoo uses a sand skimmer to take the lead, but is thrown from his “smart alec sand cow”. Daisy Mayhem tries to slip up the other teams with banana peels, but it doesn’t stop Dum winning.

Grape Ape swims the hosts to England for the second half of Ye All-Star Laff-A-Lympics for a race in a suit of armour and a princess rescue. No archery? Surely that’s the fun of it if it’s where Robin Hood is from. Everyone is in renaissance fair attire (as someone from England, I have seen exactly ONE historical reenactment in my life). Creepley of the Rottens, who Casey Kasem doesn’t seem to know how much of a Peter Lorre impression to do for, switches signs to send people the wrong way, but they get switched back to make no difference. Grape Ape wins.

Creepley and Orful rig the ballot to make Daisy Mayhem the princess to rescue, although she claims it’s on account of her beauty and charm. Also, if you’re watching this and want a good drinking game, take a swig every time you see the word ‘Ye’ appear on screen. You’ll be plastered before Blue Falcon rescues Daisy against her will (#metoo! #rednecklivesmatter). Scooby Smokers win with the Rottens in second place, although Dread Baron is put at the bottom of the podium. I smell corruption… or the barmaid’s apron.

Conclusion: Thanks for the suggestion riraho, it’s not something I would’ve worked into the ever-changing cycle, but it was fun enough to pass three quarters of an hour to and there weren’t too many obnoxious British stereotypes (I’ve seen worse… Superman vs. the Elite, I’m looking at you!).