As The Big Show Turns

Upon hearing the news of the Big Show Show cancellation,I compiled a list of Big Show Turns. I believe to be complete. I am sure the little doomers or yourself might feel free to add to.

1 Turned face when nWo was formed
2 Turned Heel when he joins nWo
3 kicked out of nWo turns face
4 rejoins Hollywood as heel
5 kicked out of nWo face
6 shows up as Vince's lackey heel
7 Turns face at 15
8 Joins Taker turns heel
9 Dad dies becomes face
10 Rock wins Rumble turns heel
11 Appears on SNL turns face
12 Joins Shane's group heel
13 Returns at Rumble 2001 as a face
14 Forms ShowGunns as a heel
15 Turns face because of InVasion
16 Turns heel joining nWo 2002
17 Returns from injury in 04 face
18 Joins ECW as heel
19 Turns face shortly after XXIV
20 Starts love affair w/Vickie Heel
21 ShowMiz loses belts KO Miz Face
22 Helps Johnny beat Cena Heel
23 Turns face to aid Orton/Sheamus
24 Turns heel at XXIX
25 Aides RVD/Henry vs Shield FACE
26 Survivor Series 2014 HEEL
27 2016 helps fend off Wyatts FACE
28 Smackdown 1000 helps Bar Heel
29 KOs Cesaro Face
30 Strowman Feud Heel
31 Helps Owens and Joe FACE
32 Interrupts McIntyre 36 Dark Heel
33 Rescues Viking Proffits FACE

Only 33, huh?   I honestly would have guessed more.