This Means War

I know AEW Stans and Jericho want to blame WWE for starting this so call “War” but is that really true? NXT was always on Wed and while AEW's move to that night probably expedited their move to USA I have to think that had been in the works for awhile. Besides some counter programming, which I think both sides do as well as pretty much everyone else in TV since isn't  getting viewers is the point, what else have they really done to AEW? Is offering big money deals as keep away really that bad when its wrestlers who are the ones benefitting from it?

If anything this war has been pretty one sided with AEW as the aggressors. Whether its weekly shots on TV and PPV, Taz and JR complaining that WWE won't acknowledge AEW, or Jericho talking about Nxt/WWE any chance he gets, its pretty non stop with them trying to keep the flames going. My question is do you think AEW is doing it because they need/want the extra hype that comes along with having this Wed War? I mean Jericho can't really think that him talking about how NXT is getting crushed and should just give up is gonna make Vince move nights right? If anything he prob trying to fire Vince up so he doesn't switch to Tues because he knows Vince isn't gonna walk away after being called out. Could this be just like Cobra Cai/Karate kid scenario where WWE is actually the good guy and AEW is the dickhead bully trying to steal their girl?

I don’t think anyone seriously thinks WWE is evil for counter-programming.  However, the fact that they won’t ever just own up to it, when we know it’s happening, is more what is rubbing people the wrong way.  Especially when they were the first ones to cry foul and “poor us” when the same thing happened to them in 1995.  Hell, they’re STILL making documentaries whining about it.  Also most reasonable people understand the reasons behind why they do what they do, but when NXT goes to Tuesday and suddenly draws an extra 200k people, it really becomes hard to frame moving back to Wednesday as anything but trying to hurt the other guy instead of helping yourself.