Mario 3D All Stars

… so I wound up having to drop $125 at Walmart for that Odyssey / Pro Controller bundle because none of the 3rd party pads I use (including the EXCELLENT Hori joypad that's my default) have motion controls and they didn't tweak Galaxy's controls enough to make the motion-heavy levels playable.

I just gave Nintendo $200 to play three emulated games (well, and finally own Odyssey, so not a bad side benefit)

I'm weak

I'm assuming the joycons will work fine for me, but I also have an 8BitDo SN30 controller (not the Pro one with the grip, sadly) that apparently will work in a pinch.  I also have a knockoff EBGames pro controller (Their “BioGenik” brand) which is actually quite good and is my Mario Kart weapon of choice, but I don't know if it has the motion controls in it. 

Although this is being written at 10:00pm my time, two hours before I can play the damn game, so I'm getting antsy and decided to review NXT while I'm waiting.