What If…? 1996 Warrior Edition

Hey Scott–

Let's assume for a moment that Vince and Warrior are able to have a copacetic relationship in 1996 (BWAHAHAHAHA! I know). Is there any juice in a Warrior/Shawn program for the belt? Given Shawn's ability to get anything with two legs and a pulse to four-stars, Warrior's character and rep necessitating he be in the main event mix, and the company starved for tippy-top guys at the time, would they have found their way to that match as the year progressed?

We could have gotten the heel maniac Warrior we were supposed to get in the early nineties, or douchebag DX Shawn could have emerged a year early to work against babyface Warrior. Do you think it could have/should have worked?

I think Shawn could have made it work, but I don’t know if he would have wanted to. 

Man, heel maniac Warrior in the Attitude Era would have been cool though.