Wednesday Night War Thread!

Tonight!  It’s back to our usual tribalism, with AEW and NXT both going live again.  AEW has the parking lot brawl that was supposed to happen the week that the world went to shit, and NXT has two major announcements from Mr. Regal.

Hey, also tonight, if you’re in the mood for something different, the UWN thing starts doing their weekly PPVs with the remains of Corgan’s NWA, featuring Nick Aldis defending against Mike Bennett tonight.  I have no idea if it’s gonna be any good, but it’s relatively cheap, so if you want to give it a shot on Fite.TV make sure to use my link because then I get a piece of the action for the blog:

Thunder Rosa is apparently scheduled to appear, which will be a neat trick since she’s also on Dynamite defending her title there.  I’m assuming it’s actually taped?  I dunno, doesn’t matter.  I’ve got a bazillion credits on Fite so I might even give it a buy to support it.

Edit:  Apparently it already happened last night.  My mistake.  Anyway, I’ll still probably check it out.

Oh!  Apparently Velocity is getting dropped onto the Network (10 episodes of it at least) very soon now, so that’s something else I can review.

Have a great night.