The SmarK Rant for Mid-South v. World Class – 07.13.85

The SmarK Rant for World Class Championship Wrestling v. Mid-South Wrestling – 07.13.85

Man, I really enjoyed that episode of World Class I did last week, and I’m gonna carry on with this era for bit, even though I’m well aware that this is going to completely tank my numbers for the day and no one’s gonna read it.  Also, I get the impression that people don’t really like Mid-Atlantic for whatever reason, so we’ll permanently go with World Class and Mid-South as the combatants.

Taped from Dallas, TX

Your host is Bill Mercer

Rip Oliver & Jack Victory v. The Fantastics

Apparently Victory is “the heart throb of New Jersey”, which is a dubious title to bestow upon someone.  Mercer puts over the young Victory and notes that we should expect to see a lot of him.  Especially if we’re watching a 1989 NWA show, because then he’ll be on there 5 or 6 times. Victory and Oliver switch out a few times before making contact, unable to decide who the first person to deliver the inevitable beating to the Fantastics will be.  Victory gets a couple of forearms, but Bobby Fulton dodges him and slides out to high-five everyone in the front row and stress how much he’s not bothered by Victory.  Back in, Fulton shakes his tail feather at Oliver and takes him down with an armdrag, but Rip gets his own and Fulton is STUNNED at this turn of events.  Oliver wants a boxing match but Fulton waves him away and brings in Rogers, who goes to work on the Crippler’s arm.  Rollup gets two, and it’s over to Victory, as Mercer notes that everyone watching on the MSG Network will surely already know of Victory’s reputation as the heart throb of New Jersey.  Victory works a headlock, but Rogers fights out of it and takes him over with a monkey flip.  Rogers takes him down for the armbar and we get a funny bit with Fulton stepping on Oliver while going over to yell at Victory, which prompts Victory to run in and accidentally step on Oliver as well.  Fantastics double-team Oliver in the corner and switch off on an armbar, but the ref catches them and makes them switch back.  So they essentially accomplish the same thing.  And then Victory yells at the ref, so the Fantastics switch off again without a tag and the crowd lies to cover for them.  Oliver fights up and the heels try to double-team Fulton, but he grabs Victory in a headlock and hauls him back to his corner for some double-teaming of their own.  Fulton takes him down with the chinlock, but finally Victory has had enough and tosses Fulton to take over.  Oliver gets a press slam and chokes him out on the ropes, but Fulton comes back with a kneelift and makes the hot tag to Rogers.  Tommy runs the heels together and rolls up Victory for two, but Oliver makes the save and tosses Rogers over the top rope.  He skins the cat back in, so they throw Fulton over the top rope and that’s a DQ at 14:16.  A very fun match where the babyfaces got serious in the end.  1 for 1.

Meanwhile, the Von Erichs are at the dedication of the David Von Erich Memorial Playground for Handicapped Children, which was funded by the proceeds from the David memorial show at the Parade of Champions.  Well, you can’t even snark on that.  That’s just wonderful of them.  2 for 2.

Meanwhile, we get highlights from a Fort Worth match with Kerry & Kevin against the Dynamic Duo, as they’re having a hell of a match until David Manning gets bumped and ends up getting hung in the ropes.  Meanwhile, Gino throws white powder from his tights at Kevin (gee, I wonder why he’d have white powder with him…) and pins Kerry.  So next week, it’s Chris Adams v. Kevin Von Erich to continue the feud.  This was a really good match, too.  3 for 3.

Gary Hart and his team of One Man Gang and Killer Tim Brooks are after the World Six-Man titles, with Mark Lewin coming soon to join them.  Brooks promises to break and reset Mike Von Erich’s shoulder for him.

Chris Adams v. The Great Kabuki

So Kabuki is being managed by Jimmy Garvin’s former paramour Sunshine, and they’re BABYFACES, which is a weird combination to say the least.  We get a martial arts battle to start, but Kabuki takes him down with a headlock and controls on the mat.  Adams escapes and tries a comeback, but Kabuki chops him down and goes back to the headlock.  Adams slugs out and hits a superkick to put him on the apron, and he goes after Kabuki’s knee with an inverted figure-four.  So this gives us the weird scenario of the Dallas crowd cheering on the GREAT KABUKI hoping he makes a comeback.  Adams continues working on the leg and drops knees on it, but he charges and walks into the thrust kick out of the corner.  Kabuki tries his own charge and misses even worse, hanging himself in the Tree of Woe in the process, and Adams grabs a chair, but Kabuki rolls him up for the pin at 9:30.  And then Adams absolutely WAFFLES Sunshine and tosses her down on the mat, which is not gentleman-like of him at all, but she’s OK because it’s Texas and everyone is pretty tough.  This was weird but fun.  4 for 4.

More good stuff this week.  Now let’s see what Mid-South has to offer from the same week.

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 07.13.85

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts

Sadly, the Snowman has a brain concussion after getting piledriven on the floor by the Nightmare last week, and he’s gone from the territory.  I know, I’m as upset as you are, maybe moreso.

Butch Reed is coming back to Mid-South, and we have a music video to get us hyped for it.  And it involves Reed lifting weights while some kids breakdance, so I can only assume the original song was “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock.  I’m also assuming Reed hanging out with the breakdancing teenagers was the continued attempts of Bill Watts to make a new Junkyard Dog.

Mid-South TV Title:  Dutch Mantel v. Terry Taylor

Turns out Terry Taylor is tough and tenacious and a top TV title…uh…contender.  But also a terrific technician.  They fight for the hammerlock and Dutch hides out in the ropes, but Terry takes him down and works the arm.  Dutch tries a kneelift and Taylor moves, as Dutch lands on his ass and bails to the floor to regroup.  Back in, Taylor works the headlock and puts him down with a forearm, and Dutch backs off again to the floor.  Back in, Dutch gives him the old thumb to the eye and follows with a suplex to take over.  Terry fights back, so Dutch puts him down with a kick to the ribs.  Taylor gets a rollup for two, but Dutch grabs the tights and reverses for two, and then he goes behind the ref’s back and hits Taylor with the whip and finishes with the gourdbuster at 6:40 to retain the title.  1 for 1.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is sick of terrorists living here in AMERICA, and he’s gonna send them all back to wherever they came from.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Kareem Muhammad

So if Duggan wins, he gets Skandor Akbar in the ring, and Duggan blitzes the ring and slugs away in the corner right away.  Duggan hits a clothesline, but Akbar trips him up and Kareem splashes him.  A second one misses and so does a blind charge in the corner, but Muhammad rakes the injured eye to put him down again.  Another splash misses and Duggan makes the comeback with a backdrop where Kareem can’t even take the bump.  He goes after Akbar prematurely, however, and Muhammad attacks from behind to continue the match, and Kamala runs in for the DQ at 2:58.  So the beatdown commences and a parade of jobbers can’t stop the carnage, but finally some A-level babyfaces run down and break it up before Akbar can go after the eye again.  Bad match.  1 for 2.

Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams v. Frankie Lane & Terry Daniels

Before we can start, Jake Roberts and Barbarian hit the ring and want to know why the champs are being such chickens about this and won’t give them a title shot.  Dibiase is more than happy to give them a title shot, but they’ve got a contract with these scrubs, so their hands are tied.  So Jake is like “So you’re saying that if these two guys weren’t here, you’d wrestle us?”  And two seconds later, there’s no jobbers in the ring and now Ted doesn’t have anyone to wrestle.  So now Ted is like “Well, I’ll ask Grizzly Smith, but that never worked for me and I’ve tried it before”.  So Grizzly comes in and says he doesn’t normally get forced in making matches, but these aren’t normal people, so the match is on.

Mid-South Tag team titles:  Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams v. Jake Roberts & Barbarian

Nope, Dibiase and Doc immediately bail and refuse to defend the titles, and they’re gonna go talk to their lawyers.  So there’s the babyface turn for Jake as he outsmarts Dibiase.  2 for 3.

North American title:  The Nightmare v. Wendell Cooley

Nightmare works an armbar on Cooley, and apparently he’s calling a press conference for next week.  Goodie.  Hammerlock slam and Nightmare drops a knee on the arm and goes up to the middle rope with a double axehandle, but Cooley fights back in the corner and goes up to the middle rope, but slips off and takes a piledriver at 4:00.  Maybe Michael Nakazawa was rubbing baby oil on those turnbuckles too. 2 for 4.

Brickhouse Brown & Mark Ragin v. The Red Raider & Paul Brown

Ragin tries a fancy reversal of an armbar on Brown, but he slips and nearly falls on his head.  Keep it simple, stupid.  Brickhouse comes in with a back elbow and Ragin gets a sloppy clothesline and even this super-forgiving crowd is booing this guy for the botches.  Over to Red Raider and he does some super-sloppy stuff with Brickhouse, but Paul Brown comes in and Ragin pins with a dropkick that misses by a foot at 2:30.  What the hell happened?  This was AWFUL.  2 for 5.

Al Perez v. Pat Rose

Rose offers a handshake and then tries to sucker punch Al, but Perez spins him around and hits a german suplex for the flash pin at 0:30.

Meanwhile, the Fantastics are coming into Mid-South full-time and wrapping up their Dallas commitments, and we get a Joel Watts video of them goofing around by the pool, drinking wine in their speedos and working out.

And we must be running short still because JR & Joel do an extended wrap-up and hype up next week’s show, which will apparently feature JERRY REED of Smokey & the Bandit fame.

Pretty clear win for World Class this week, although Jake and Dibiase playing mindgames with each other was tremendous.