Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #386 (16/09/2000)

Hello You!

The mammoth tapings from the Hammerstein Ballroom are now behind us and hype has already started for the Anarchy Rulz pay per view on the 1st of October 2000. I’m sure ECW will try and advance some angles over the next couple of weeks of programming to get us all jazzed for the eventual pay per view event.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from Buffalo, New York

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with Kid Kash defeating Psicosis to retain his ECW TV Title. Rhino attacks Kash post-match with a vicious GORE, which leads to Rob Van Dam running down to help his buddy. Rhino and RVD have a good brawl, with RVD fighting off a piledriver to hip toss Rhino off the apron through a table. Rhino is able to get away before RVD can deliver the Van Terminator however. Joey hypes that Rhino and RVD will settle their long running issue at Anarchy Rulz. This was a good angle to hype up the pay per view match, but it left Kash and the TV Title kind of marginalised to play second fiddle whilst the “real” stars fought with one another.

We get clips of Paul E hitting Cyrus with a mobile phone at the Hammerstein, only for Rhino to then GORE him through a table in reply.

Joey is in the ring, but gets interrupted by Late Breaking News confirming that Tommy Dreamer has been injured. When we head back to the ring, Prodigette is in the ring complaining about the treatment of women in ECW. This of course makes her an instant heel with the misogynistic ECW faithful. Dawn Marie joins us, in an outstanding metallic styled silver outfit, and the crowd loves her. She delivers a pretty rough looking Stunner to Prodigette, which leads to Blvis Wesley and Prodigy coming down to go after her. Steve Corino and Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT) make the save and we have a match.

Opening Match
Blvis Wesley w/ Prodigy and Prodigette Vs Steve Corino w/ Dawn Marie and Jack Victory

They are clearly trying to build Corino back up here after he failed to win the ECW Title last night, as he dispatches Blvis clean with next to no difficulty.


What it needed to be

We get a recap of Corino Vs Credible on TNN from the previous day. Credible retained in a great match but Corino really should have won. It’s now going to be Credible defending against Jerry Lynn at Anarchy Rulz, due to Lynn pinning Credible in the Tag Tournament.

Hey, The Musketeer is still employed somehow! He cuts a promo in the ring and declares himself to be a shooter. Surely he’d be more of a stabber? Anyway, we get the dreaded open challenge and Jazz decides to answer.

Match Two
The Musketeer Vs Jazz

Musketeer gets some token offence before Jazz hits him with the Jazz Stinger for a quick win.


Chris Chetti attacks Jazz post-match and cuts a bitter promo about how he’s the best athlete in ECW before calling out former tag team partner Nova who he turned on recently. Nova answers and we have a brief brawl between the former partners until other wrestlers break it up.

We get clips of Rodney Mack throwing a guy out of a club in New York. I’m not sure if he ever actually became a regular character on the show or whether they were just making use of him because he’s from New York and looked imposing.

Match Three
Christian York and Joey Matthews Vs Danny Doring and Roadkill

Both these teams are babyfaces, so we get some clean wrestling for the most part and the crowd enjoys it. We get some tandem offence from both teams as well and that is executed nicely also. There’s no real heat segment as such, with both teams instead having moments where they control things here and there. It’s a good showcase for both units and the crowd digs the action for the most part.

York & Matthews have fit right in really and ECW have been smart not to over-push them, meaning that they’ve minimised any chance of the more cynical ECW fan base getting resentful over two good looking young lads getting featured. Eventually the Buggy Bang finishes York, but the newbies got a decent amount of offence in first and gained something despite losing.

RATING: **1/2

Fun match

We get some sportsmanship from both teams post-match, but The FBI run down and attack everyone with the help of Big Sal. This would seem to set up Doring and Roadkill especially as future contenders for The FBI’s tag belts.

Main Event
The Super Team of ECW Champ Justin Credible and Former ECW TV Champ Rhino Vs Jerry Lynn and Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer of course can’t be here due to his injury, so honorary ECW Commisioner Little Spike Dudley (Dressed like Paul Heyman in a funny touch) comes down to announce the replacement partner. He gets laid out by Rhino before he can announce it however, but Sandman runs down anyway to reveal that it will be him who will be taking part.

This one quickly becomes a brawl, with all four men fighting outside the ring and in the crowd. They’ve kept the brawling in matches to a minimum on this episode, so this is a nice change of pace and it obviously plays to Sandman’s strengths to let him mostly punch and use weapons rather than asking him to wrestle. It’s probably not the best use of Lynn of course, but he adapts admirably and the bits with him and Credible are well done and a good way to hype up Anarchy Rulz.

Sandman tries dropping a table onto Rhino outside of the ring, but he loses his grip and the table lands on its side instead of flat, with the edge going right onto Rhino’s head and neck area. That looked horrific and they’re lucky that the drunken Sandman didn’t injure one of their top heels. Rhino gets his own back by piledriving Sandman off the apron through a table though. Referee HC Loc gets bumped and that allows heel ref Danny Daniels to run down and try to cheat the faces. Loc recovers and hits him for a pop, but Rhino hits Loc with a GORE however and Daniels fast counts Lynn to give the heels the win.


Decent enough brawl with the odd scary moment. The finish was cheap but it had a purpose in the sense that they want you to think that Daniels is going to make it impossible for Lynn to defeat Credible at the pay per view.

We’re out as soon as the pin is counted pretty much.

In Conclusion

This episode of the show was mostly angle advancement, but it was an easy enough watch and it’s good to see them really trying to hype up the pay per view. If you must watch an ECW show from this week then the 15/09/2000 TNN show would be the better bet due to the great Main Event