WM9 tat title match

Your recent superstars reviews had me revisiting WM9 for the first time In awhile and one of the many questions I gave is, why did the tag title match suck so much?  Was it just a day where nothing clicked? And was it always planned to be that long?

Hogan is still over and I thought it was all leading up to the hot tag. Beefcake Can at least work a decent face in peril(but not as long as the match was). IRS could carry some weight. Dibiase always provides heel heat to whoever he’s with. I remember being very underwhelmed as a kid and even more now.

Well first up Dibiase had a back so bad that they almost needed to shove a coat rack up his ass to keep him upright. It’s kind of amazing that he made it to Summerslam in retrospect.  

And no, the match wasn’t supposed to be that long.  They actually had to cut the Kamala match and chop a bunch of time from Bret’s match because the show ended up running so long.  
And Hogan was probably distracted by working out his con of Vince and wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize his Japan money.