Mike Reviews: ECW on TNN (15/09/2000)

Hello You!

Yes, I’m doing a rare episode of ECW on TNN, mainly because I’ve never actually watched the TV version of the Main Event before and I wanted to see how it held up in that form. I’ve seen it on fan-cam before, but never with the commentary and whatnot.

We’ll be back to normal with Hardcore TV tomorrow unless there’s an especially big match on TNN that I feel like watching. That being said, I don’t think the show even lasts that much longer after this when the WWF comes over with Raw, so the TNN era is probably not far off from ending anyway.

So without further ado, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from New York, New York

Calling the action are Joey Styles and Joel Gertner

Last week, Kid Kash defeated Rhino for the ECW TV Title with help from Sandman and Rob Van Dam.

Opening Match
ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Second Round
Hot Commodity (EZ Money and Julio Dinero) w/ Chris Hamrick and Elektra Vs The Unholy Alliance of Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri w/ The Sinister Minister

They don’t make much of a point of this being in the tournament due to the tournament already being resolved on a previous episode of the show. The Unholy Alliance gets to shine early on, with a distraction from Elektra allowing Money to take out Tajiri for some heat. Money as the cocky heel who does MOVEZ works a gimmick, but Julio’s timing and execution is nowhere near as good and it does tend to drag these Hot Commodity tag matches down sometimes.

Tajiri eventually manages to heck fire tag Mikey and he runs wild on the heels with a nice flurry. Things break down and all four men go at it, with the seconds also sticking their oars in. Minister earns his pay by stopping Money from delivering the Buckshot Lariat and Hamrick ends up on the receiving end of some green mist from Tajiri before taking one of his usual ludicrous bumps off the apron down to the concrete. With everyone else taken out, The Alliance drops Julio with a double brain buster and that’s enough for the three.


The action was hot and it was a good showcase for Money and The Unholy Alliance

Gertner does an extended dirty poem whilst Joey looks on amazed.

We get clips of The FBI defeating Mikey and Tajiri for the ECW Tag Titles the night after they had won them. Big Sal played a big part (Pun half-intended) in the belts changing hands. The Minister and his men cut a good fired up promo in response out on the street in New York.

Main Event
ECW World Title
Champ: Justin Credible w/ Francine Vs Steve Corino w/ Jack Victory

Before the match starts, Francine grabs a mic and absolutely murders a promo, taking a long time to get to the point that The Network has banned Jack Victory from ringside. Darn it Franny that promo had a family! However, Corino isn’t an idiot and saw something like this coming, so he reveals his secret weapon in the form of Dawn Marie! Corino’s delivery there was fantastic, teasing old wimp Corino before getting serious when it was time for the big reveal.

Corino gets a strong shine to start and the crowd is into him. It’s not long until things descend into a brawl, and it’s a good one, with both men fighting around ringside and into the crowd. Corino gets the better of that, but a mule kick allows Credible to take over back inside. Corino sells the heat well and survives both chair and table attacks. Franny even gives him a rana off the apron at one stage, but the new gutsy babyface Corino just keeps getting back up.

The crowd stays with Corino and he catapults Credible through a table that Credible himself set up between the railings and the ring, before firing up on him back inside the ring. Corino has been super over with the crowd here and they are totally into the idea of him winning. The ref gets bumped and that leads to Corino getting the visual pin fall with a Fisherman’s Suplex. This is the cue for Lou E. Dangerously to come down to the ring and attack Corino, but William F. Corgan comes down to get revenge on Lou E for a previous attack and hits him with a guitar.

Corino gets yet another visual pin with a super kick, as they are doing everything they can here to get Corino over short of actually letting him win the match. It’s really obvious watching this 20 years later that this was the time to switch the belt based off just how into Corino the crowd is. We get our contractually mandated cat fight between Francine and Dawn, which pops the crowd, and because Corino is a babyface now he ends up going after the heel valet leaving himself wide open to an attack from her client, as Credible viciously attacks him with the Singapore cane. Corino bleeds from that but still bravely kicks out to an uproarious response from the Hammerstein crowd. Seriously, belt this man right now you absolute morons!

Corino manages to get the Old School Expulsion (Kind of like an inverted Twist of Fate) and that gets two in a great near fall. Both men’s near fall game has been tight here and the crowd has been hanging on every one of them. Corino heads out to get a chair whilst the crowd continues to chant for him, but Franny gets involved again so Corino lays her out with a Tombstone piledriver. This allows Credible to attack Corino and get a Tombstone of his own however, and that’s enough to get three and totally kill off one of the hottest crowds the company has ever had.

RATING: ****

I will go to my grave saying that Corino should have won here. The crowd was ready for it and Credible’s Title run had naturally run its course. Corino winning here would have made him into the next top babyface star the company desperately needed, but they wasted it. They clearly felt that Corino getting cheated would make the fans even more eager to see him win the belt down the line, but failing here only served to cool him off and all the shenanigans felt like a kind of hollow attempt at damage control. They pretty much kneecapped Corino’s very promising babyface run just as it looked like he was really going to take off. The match itself was great, with good work and consistent fantastic heat from the crowd. It’s just a shame they got screwed out of the finish they really wanted, because Corino winning would have blown the roof off the joint.

Joey and Joel confirm that Credible will now defend the Title at Anarchy Rulz against Jerry Lynn on the 1st of October 2000.

In Conclusion

That Main Event was great, aside from the finish, and it took up most of the show so that automatically makes the show itself a thumbs up.