Owen’s Last Words

Hi Scott


I just finished watching the Dark Side of the Ring episode about the death
of Owen Hart. One moment stuck with me: Jim Cornette said that as he was
falling, the last thing Owen said was “Look out!”, the implication being that
even as he was plunging toward his death, Owen’s last thoughts were for other
people. A noble gesture, to be sure… but it is true?


The person most likely to have heard Owen’s warning was Jimmy Korderas, who
was in the ring at the time, and earlier in the episode he only said he thought
he had heard a scream. And to the best of my knowledge JR and the King never
said they heard anything at all. I know there were some inaccuracies in the
episode (the claim that Owen’s blood was on the mat for the rest of the show,
for example) so I wonder if this was another one. Has anyone ever gone on record
as saying that they heard Owen shout out a warning, or is Cornette making things

I haven't watched the episode because I've already lost both my cats this year and I don't think i could take the Owen episode on top of it, but I have heard that particular tidbit previously.  And I think it was Cornette who said it, so that wouldn't help in confirming.  But I've never heard any serious confirmation from anyone else who would have known, so I'm thinking it's probably just a nice story and nothing more.