Vince and the NWA

Supposed Vince wanted to buy everything out there that is NWA-related.  Is the current Billy Corgan Youtube show the only thing left?  Considering that the NWA had their fingers into practically everything wrestling related pre mid-80s before collapsing, is there some NWA tape library Vince doesn't have that might be interesting for us?

There's not really an “NWA”, it was more of a collection of promoters doing their own thing and using the name.  So for example, he can buy up the NWA Hollywood promotion and their footage, but the person with the actual rights to the NWA name is Corgan.  And Billy doesn't own any old footage of his own (aside from the Powerrr shows they produced themselves), it's all licensed from other promoters (like the Houston wrestling footage).  So really, Vince can buy the Powerrr episodes for the meager offer that WWE always makes, but buying the NWA name gets him nothing.