You should move your premium content over to and charge for it

I'd put up:

– weekly shows & PPV's posted right as they end (can post to the regular blog the next morning)
– popular long-form content (eg. Observer Mailbags?)
– rant archives

I think there's a bunch of readers that would pony up $5 or $10 / month to consistently get access to new show reviews as soon as they end – but still monetize from people who can't/won't pay by putting up the content the next morning on the blog

I feel like that would be a level of cynicism that even exceeds my limits.  I would never force anyone to pay for my website content, even as a “bonus” version.  Hell, if I ever won any kind of significant money in the lottery, the first thing I'd do is pay off the blog's web server for 5 years and remove all the ads for good.