AEW Horsemen: Yea or Neigh

AEW have teased the Horsemen a couple of times recently. It looks like the plan is for Cody to go heel at some point to join FTR and likely Shawn Spears to form the group. If they pull the trigger on forming the stable, what is your dream line-up?


In fantasy booking land, if NWA’s troubles continue and the collaboration with AEW lasts in the long term, how about a debuting Nick Aldis be the man to bring the Horsemen together alongside FTR, with Tully as a manager? For a crazy left-field choice,
how about Tessa Blanchard switches to AEW to become the 4th member, following in her father’s footsteps and playing the Chyna enforcer role? It would also be a thumb in the eye of WWE's Horsewomen.

Keeping Cody as a babyface would allow them to pay tribute to the original Horsemen feuds with Dusty. I'd have Arn turn on him to join the faction to really twist the knife. It would also allow the Elite to reform as a face group down the line to help
him beat the Horsemen in a WarGames / Blood and Guts match.

Yeah I think Aldis would be the guy in that scenario.  He was already doing a very similar deal on Powerrr and he'd fit in with AEW perfectly.