A suggestion regards the TNA reviews

Why not just jump ahead to Raven debuting in 2003 and do the arc building up to AJ Styles winning the Title for the first time?

There’s great matches, Raven is awesome, AJ really comes into his own, D’Lo Brown debuts, plenty of stupid Russo stuff to get your teeth into, Trinity looking HAWT etc

I’ve been gradually working my way through them on Impact Plus and they’re more watchable than the 2002 ones just due to the company finally developing its own identity and the likes of AMW, xXx, Amazing Red, Kid Kash and others having really good years. Even Disco Inferno becomes a semi-interesting character at one stage

I know you did some 2003 TNA but when you started AJ was already Champ wasn’t he (correct me if I’m wrong) so this would be non treaded land by yourself?

I dunno, I'm not seeing a huge market for the content, is the problem.  The two hour shows are a huge time sink and they're been dropping in popularity rapidly since the start of the run.  
Back in the day, yes, I was reviewing the 2003 stuff with Raven and young CM Punk and such.  Ultimately the problem with TNA is that it's really hard to have perspective with it because their legacy is typically “And then the company radically changed direction a few months later and none of this went anywhere”.  We were already seeing it with the early shows and it only gets more pronounced later on.