What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – July 29, 1995

(Based on comments, it seems like the Blog is favoring SMW in its feud with the USWA.  SMW’s TV is missing most of this inter-promotional feud because of its taping schedule, sadly)

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are in the booth and they are broadcasting from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Russell interviews Tracy Smothers, who runs down the USWA.  He repeats a lot of the same talking points that he used last week.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Brandon Baxter (w/Uptown Karen) (1-2) beats Miss Texas (USWA Women’s Champion) (13-4-1) after Karen interferes at 3:00:

On the non-Memphis telecasts there has not been much explanation about why these two are feuding.  It appears that Baxter is taking Downtown Bruno’s role in the never-ending Texas-Karen feud, possibly due to Bruno’s WWF commitments.  Although expectations for the match are low, both put on a fun match where Baxter and Karen cheat as much as possible and rile up the studio crowd.  Texas mounts a comeback with a nice floating DDT but when she goes to give some second rope punches, Karen pushes her off and Baxter covers for a cheap win.  Rating:  **

Russell interviews Texas, who vows to get revenge on Baxter and Karen.

Highlights show USWA vs. SMW clashes in Memphis.  After Doug Gilbert beat Buddy Landel with a schoolboy rollup, Landel and Mark Curtis beat him down.  Also, in the six-man tag team match between PG-13 and Tommy Rich against Robert Gibson, Landel, and Tracy Smothers, Terry Gordy interfered and SMW won after Wolfie D was thrown into a table and count not answer a ten-count.  After the match, PG-13 and Rich got Gilbert to come out and assemble a team to fight SMW at a later date.

Gibson, Smothers, and Landel cut a taped promo.  They reiterate how SMW is superior to the USWA and convey some nice intensity.

Brown interviews USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13.  J.C. Ice says that the USWA is united to face the SMW threat.  Wolfie D notes that even though PG-13 had a rough feud with Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich at the beginning of the year they are willing to put their differences aside to go to war with SMW.

Non-Title Match:  Billy Jack Haynes (USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion) (12-1-1) pins T.D. Steel after a chokeslam at 1:31:

These two faced off two weeks ago and, according to Russell, Steel asked for this rematch.  Steel fares no better than he did the first time, though, falling victim to a release German suplex and chokeslam and failing to muster a single offensive move.

A video package recaps Haynes’ recent run in the USWA.

Brown interviews Haynes, who brags about hurting Sid Vicious so badly that he could not beat Diesel for the WWF Championship at In Your House II.  Haynes hypes his boxing and professional wrestling background before turning his attention to USWA Unified World Champion Jerry Lawler.  Haynes says he cannot wait to face Lawler in Memphis this Monday and take the belt.

Non-Title Match:  Jerry Lawler (USWA Unified World Champion) (18-3) beats Tracy Smothers (5-1) via count out at 5:08:

This is a special challenge match where SMW has posted a $25,000 bond that they will forfeit if any SMW wrestlers interfere.  As expected, it does not take long for Haynes to appear, destroying PG-13’s narrative about how the USWA is united to face the SMW threat.  Even though these two are skilled wrestlers, the Lawler-Haynes angle drives the match and distracts from the action.  Smothers uses the phantom object trick before Lawler pulls down the straps and delivers a fist drop off the second rope.  Smothers bails as Lawler jaws with Haynes and Smothers never re-enters the ring, getting counted out after a little more than five minutes of action.  In a sign of how invincible Lawler is in Memphis, this match constitutes his thirteenth-straight singles win.  Rating:  *

Russell talks with Smothers, who claims that he was screwed in the last match.  His promo is cut off by a commercial break.

Steven Dunn (4-2-1) beats Brian Lee (w/Brandon Baxter) (8-10-1) via disqualification when Baxter interferes at 4:11:

Baxter runs a lot of interference for Lee, who swallows up Dunn and lulls the crowd to sleep with his deliberate offense.  Dunn hits his flying forearm out of nowhere, though, and that causes Baxter to run into the ring and break the count to trigger the disqualification.  Remember when Lee was heralded as a big deal and showed up to the studio in a limo?  He is falling down the card at a rapid rate as this marks his fourth-straight singles loss.  Rating:  ¼*

After the match, Lee and Baxter put the boots to Dunn until Axl Rotten makes the save.

The Last Word:  The show got off to a great start with a decent Brandon Baxter-Miss Texas match but everything else dragged.  The USWA-SMW feud is doing good business, but the lack of a live angle on today’s show did little to move it along.

The strong houses at the Mid-South Coliseum continued on July 31, with another 2,400 attending the show and bringing in a gate of $14,000.  Here were the results of that card, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Steven Dunn (5-2-1) beat Gorgeous George III (12-16-1)

-Brian Lee (8-11-1) defeated Axl Rotten (2-0)

-Brandon Baxter & Uptown Karen beat Miss Texas in a handicap match

-Bill Dundee (16-8) beat Pat Tanaka (0-1-1) via disqualification

-Bill Dundee, Axl Rotten, Steven Dunn & Miss Texas beat Brian Lee, Gorgeous George III, Brandon Baxter & Uptown Karen

-Randy Hales pinned Mark Curtis (1-0)

-USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes (13-1-1) beat USWA Unified World Champion Jerry Lawler (19-3) via disqualification

-PG-13, Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich defeated Buddy Landel, Robert Gibson, Tracy Smothers & Terry Gordy in a street fight.

Backstage News*:        In talent relations news, Ricky Morton was fired by the USWA and SMW due to problems between his girlfriend Andrew Calloway and Tracy Smothers’ fiancé, Angela Lambert.  Calloway, who used to be a roommate of Lambert’s, filed aggravated assault charges against Smothers and Lambert from an incident at a nightclub in Kingsport, Tennessee on July 8.  After a SMW house show, Calloway and Morton got into an argument and she attacked him, causing Smothers to get involved and pull Calloway off of Morton, who was not going to hit a woman.  Lambert then fought Calloway until tensions eased and all four started driving to Lambert’s parents house.  Tensions rose again in the car, though, and when the four reached Lambert’s parents driveway, Lambert reportedly jumped into the backseat and attacked Calloway, beating her to the point where she had two black eyes.  After this, Morton started no-showing SMW events and he and Smothers got into an argument and pull-apart brawl in Knoxville on July 15, with tensions rising further when police sought the arrest of Smothers and Lambert due to Calloway wishing to press charges.  After In Your House II, Jim Cornette and Randy Hales tried to get Morton to get Calloway to drop the charges in return for them paying Calloway’s medical bills.  Part of the reason they wanted the charges dropped is because Smothers custody of his son could be in jeopardy if he was arrested for beating up a woman, especially since Morton had initially said Smothers did not touch Calloway.  When Calloway refused to drop the charges, Cornette and Hales thought it was best to stop booking Morton since he and Smothers could not share a dressing room and it was easier to say that Morton had more control over Calloway’s future decisions than Smothers did.

*Also, Jeff Jarrett and Brian Armstrong might be coming to the USWA after they walked out of the WWF after In Your House II.  Although both men are still under WWF contract, it appears unlikely that the WWF would try to take legal action if they tried to compete in the USWA.  If they went to WCW, that would be an entirely different matter, though.

*Tekno Team 2000 might return to Memphis since they were part of the WWF’s recent round of budget cuts.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for August 7.

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