Missed Opportunity

Hey Scott–

I'm as happy to see Miro in an environment that won't artificially stop his momentum as much as anybody, but wouldn't it have been great if Kip's best man wound up being Nick Aldis?

I know he's tied up in Billy Corgan's doomed-to-fail “pay me for what you used to watch for free” venture, but you could have had Kip get him in the door under the guise of the wedding, the relationship turns around quickly with Aldis as the alpha and Kip and Penelope as his hired goons at ringside, and once Mox dispatches Archer on October 14th, boom: Instant “I'm the real world's champ” feud.

Am I crazy? If Thunder Rosa can moonlight for AEW, why not Nick?

I think they totally should bring him in, he'd be a big star for them.