Daily News Update – September 11, 2020

Uh oh, it’s WWE Bloodletting 2:  The Re-Bloodening.

Mike Rotunda, Sarah Stock and Gerald Brisco all officially released after being furloughed in April


RIP to Puppet the Psycho Dwarf


I think I’m done with the NWA-TNA shows, speaking of which.  Interest in the last couple has been way down and it doesn’t feel like it’s worth continuing on.  It was something different and interesting for a bit, much like the shows themselves, but it’s not really my thing at this point.

John Cena to host TBS revival of Wipeout


Seems like a good fit, to be honest.

Hey also, make sure to check out Inside the Ropes Magazine, which launches NEXT WEEK and is available for subscription pre-orders right now.  I’m continuing on with the Monday Night War documentary review in an exclusive column for the magazine, starting with the D-X episode and then next month it’s the Bret Hart one.  If you enjoy watching my brain explode like in Scanners, these are the issues you’ll want to pick up and read.  There’s contributions from talent like Bill Apter and Keith Elliot Greenberg to name two, and I’m proud and excited to be taking part in this.