The Thursday Night PRIME TIME Thread: September 10, 2020

“Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to Prime Time Thursday here on the Blog of Doom.  I’m Gorilla Monsoon joined by Bobby the Brain Heenan and… Bobby?  Why are you on the phone?”

“Oh, I’m talking to my agent to see if AEW will hire me.”

“Kind of a show of disloyalty, isn’t it?”

“How?  Everyone else on this website is on their payroll!”

“Whatever you say, Bobby.  Folks, it’s a quiet week as for the first time in almost a month, there’s no big show to get ready for.”

“My gosh, no preview?  Last time we didn’t have a Pay-Per-View to prep for, Finn Balor was a teenager!”

“It hasn’t been that long, Brain.”

“Are you sure?  Back then, Mae Young was homecoming queen!”

“Brain, you’re pushing it…”

“Back then, Bossman’s mother was considered pretty!”

“That’ll be QUITE ENOUGH out of you!  You’re getting to be as crazy as Marty Jannetty.  There’s a real piece of work.  They’ll be coming after him with the white coats and the net.”

“Hey, Gorilla — if anyone asks why I have this bag containing a million dollars, tell them it’s a wrestling storyline.”

“A mil- where’d you get that?”

“Storyline!  You promised!”

“I did not!  Folks, let’s head to the ring and check out our feature bout here, as AEW and NXT collide once again.  Oney Lorcan represents the black and gold, and from Team Khan, it’s everyone’s best friend, Chuck Taylor!”

“Everyone’s?  He’s not my best friend.”

“Just let him give you a hug, Brain.”

“Maybe, but I’m checking for my wallet when he’s done.”

Bring the insanity!