The new NWA weekly PPV’s

I'm guessing you've heard about the NWA teaming up with the United Wrestling Network (whoever they are) for a new weekly PPV show.  It's $8 per show or you can buy a four-pack for $24.  Like you, I enjoyed NWA Powerrr.  That said, I certainly wouldn't pay $8 a week to watch it.  TNA's weekly PPV era is largely considered a failure.  What makes Billy Corgan and Dave Marquez think it's going to work now?  
I'm with you.  I enjoyed NWA Powerrr as a free TV show on YouTube that was low effort to produce and low effort to enjoy, but their actual PPVs weren't exactly high level classics and they just don't have the talent pool to run at that level.  Also building their name on the free show (which has hours of content to stream on YouTube whenever you want) and then asking people to suddenly pay up for essentially the same content isn't a great business model.  Like, if they were producing the YouTube show to lead people to the PPVs that would be one thing, but turning the whole endeavor into a pay deal?  No buys.  But hey, if the content is good, people will pay, so we'll let it play out and see where it goes for now.