Popping a Rating

Hey Scott,

So we have all of the knowledge about tv ratings reported on every week, but we almost never hear about the social media/online engagement numbers. Those things are arguably more important markers of who is actually watching and engaging with the product, and it's what most advertising firms salivate over, from what I've been told.

Why aren't these things reported on more often? Is it just harder to find the numbers freely, or is it a product of wrestling reporters not having very much in the way of knowledge about it?
I don't know if you're being sarcastic but we know ridiculous amounts of detail about social media engagement because WWE never shuts up about it.  And no, they're not important at all, because lemme tell ya from my bitter experience (and that of many other YouTubers and bloggers) over the past decade how much advertisers are salivating over wrestling content on the internet:  ZERO.  TV ratings from the prime demo are the only thing that advertisers care about, full stop.