Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #385 (09/09/2000)

Hello You!

Last week we enjoyed some great matches from the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament at the Hammerstein Ballroom, but sadly they decided to finish that one off on TNN, meaning we have to enjoy some stuff from Night Two on the 26th of August instead. I do actually own both nights of this double header (Called “Ballroom Blitz” by RF Video) but it’s only fan-cam footage. Maybe when we finally reach the end of these Hardcore TV reviews I can blow the whole thing off with a review of both nights? I’m sure I have the VHS’ somewhere (Oh yes, that’s how far back it was when I got them)

Anyway, chins up and all that, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from New York, New York

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with a promo from The Unholy Alliance of Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri, along with Sinister Minister, in the streets of New York. It turns out that they won the Tag Tournament but then lost the belts the next day to The FBI, and they are not happy about it. This was a really good fired up promo from the Minister.

We catch the end of a match between CW Anderson and Jerry Lynn. Heel referee Danny Daniels screws Lynn out of the victory. This actually gets paid off in some manner believe it or not. This is followed up by a fracas between Simon/Swinger, Doring/Roadkill and Nova/Chetti to set up the next match.

Opening Match
Simon & Swinger Vs Danny Doring and Roadkill Vs Nova and Chetti

This is organised chaos, with everyone getting big moves and dives in with reckless abandon. It’s fun action and a proper car crash style match. Nova and Chetti have control of things at one stage, but Chetti decides to turn heel out of nowhere by blasting his partner with a vicious chair shot. Thus the Nova/Chetti team is broken up before they truly reached their peak. Nova is of course pinned by Diamond following that and his team is eliminated. The match remains a tornado styled match between the other two teams and Doring/Roadkill eventually pick up the win with a Buggy Bang to Swinger.


Fun action and a big angle with the turn, but mostly just spots with little substance

We head to the seedy night club from last week that they’ve decided to dub “ECW New York” in a blatant jab at the WWF for their epic money losing disaster that was their themed restaurant in Times Square. Elektra is dancing on the bar and beats up some men who try and get a bit too handsy. We also get clips from the Hammerstein events interspersed with b-role of New York itself.

Joey is in front of the ECW Banner and hypes up the Main Event of Scotty Anton Vs Rob Van Dam.

We get clips from TNN, where Paul E finally gets to hit Cyrus with an 80’s styled mobile phone for a big pop from the crowd. This leads to Rhino taking him out with a GORE through a table though, which in turn leads to Cyrus throwing out the dreaded open challenge on behalf of Rhino. We get a giant brawl amongst most of the roster following that, which leads to Kid Kash coming down and getting the iconic big flip dive out onto everyone as they brawl in the aisle. This leads to Kash and Rhino going at it for Rhino’s ECW TV Title, with liberal offence from Sandman and Rob Van Dam leading to Kash picking up the win and the Title. This was the sort of manic insanity that ECW did best and the Hammerstein crowd LOVED it!

We get a recap of Chetti turning on Nova earlier, with Joey guessing that Chetti was jealous of Nova’s popularity with the fans.

Blvis Wesley (The former Bill Wiles doing a discount Honky Tonk Man gimmick) is in the ring with Prodigy and Prodigette. I mean, couldn’t they have just booked Wayne Ferris for a one shot rather than saddling poor Wiles with this hot fiery death of a gimmick? Balls Mahoney comes out and attacks everyone, seemingly just to give the fans a chance to sing along to his music.

We get clips of Jerry Lynn pinning Justin Credible in the Tag Tournament, which has made him #1 contender for Credible’s ECW World Title, with the big story being whether Danny Daniels will cheat him or not.

Main Event
Scotty Anton Vs Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso

This is a rematch from Heatwave 2000 where RVD debuted the Van Terminator for the first time on route to a pinfall victory. We have to be nearing the end of Anton’s run in ECW now right? Fonzie runs his mouth pre-match, which leads to Anton giving him a powerbomb. Good bump from Fonzie there actually. RVD attacks him for that and we get the big crowd brawl, with it being a nice slice of wild ECW action. Anton sells a bunch, with RVD dominating, which is all the crowd really wants to see anyway.

Fonzie getting laid out ends up playing into the story of the match, as RVD’s usual rhythm is thrown off due to not having his manager to set up his usual spots. This allows Anton to cut him off and start working him over, including the spot from Heatwave where he bulldogs RVD off the apron onto the railings. RVD looks more annoyed than anything after that and kicks away at the railings in frustration when he should be down selling, which makes me think he wasn’t happy with the move for some reason.

Anton does seem to be flinging RVD around with a kind of reckless abandon actually, which I guess comes as a privilege of friendship. You always hit your mates harder because you know they’ll forgive you for it. Anton sells his rubs well, even whilst working the heat, and as a result he sells for a bit following a superplex before making the pin, which allows RVD to kick out whilst still protecting the move.

Anton makes the mistake of mocking RVD, which gives his opponent time to fight back, and whilst that happens Fonzie finally starts to stir outside the ring after being out for most of the match. With Fonzie back amongst the realm of the awake, he assists RVD in getting the Van Daminator and the Five Star Frogsplash follows for three and, I think, end Anton’s pretty “meh” run in the company.


This one dragged a bit during the heat, but aside from that it wasn’t bad for a TV Main Event

Rhino runs down to hit RVD with a GORE to set up a match between them at Anarchy Rulz on the 1st of October.

In Conclusion

Hardcore TV kind of got “Velocity’ed” this week, in that it was mostly filler with the TNN getting the pick of the bunch when it came to big matches. As a show it was a watchable 45 minutes, but I think I’ll have to add a rare review of the TNN show to my weekly schedule, owing to the Main Event on the 15/09/2000 show. I hope to see you join me for that next week, along with the usual episode of Hardcore TV the following day as well.