Guys you miss due to COVID?

Playing WWE Champions this month has reminded me of how much I miss Pete Dunne. He’s easily one of my favorite guys of the last five years, and I miss seeing him on tv. Any guy or gal you’re particularly missing thanks to the pandemic? 

First up, Scopely can go hang for doing Pete Dunne dirty with that shitty free character this month.  When the best you can say about him is “He's OK at 5 stars” and they have to give him a +2MP buff for the month just to make him usable, you're dealing with some straight trash.

Anyway, I've gotta go with WALTER, who wasn't really around THAT much to begin with, but having zero of him at the moment is even worse.  One of these days I'm gonna start watching those wacky indie shows on the Network, though, and hopefully get my fix.