Flairs belt in the WWF

When Ric Flair debuted in the WWF he came in with the old NWA/WCW big gold belt.  Right before Survivor Series, WWF lost the lawsuit to keep using it.  Couldn’t they have appealed and kept using it in the meantime? If they had won, would they have kept it for

the whole tenure of Flair’s run even after he won the WWF belt?

What?  There was no lawsuit and WWF certainly didn’t lose.  The NWA tried several times to get a restraining order but it was thrown out multiple times on the grounds that whatever damage had been done was already done by Flair showing up and calling himself champion, whereas the belt was just a belt.  The only contention that was valid was the NWA’s actual ownership of the belt, and the WWF returned it to them to end that.  There was nothing to appeal.