Monday Night Raw – September 7, 2020

Monday Night Raw
Date: September 7, 2020
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Samoa Joe, Byron Saxton, Michael Cole

Last week, we set up the main event of Clash Of Champions so tonight it’s time to get a lot more stuff done. I’m not sure what that is going to entail but there are a lot of titles that are going to need to be defended. That could make for an interesting show, but that has never stopped WWE before. Let’s get to it.

Here’s Randy Orton to get things going. Orton talks about earning the Clash Of Champions title shot last week and tonight, he’s ready to kick Lee in the head. We could list off everyone Orton has Punted over the years but Raw is only three hours. Last week, Orton earned the shot against Drew McIntyre but that’s assuming Drew can wrestle. We look at the three Punts to McIntyre and Orton asks what McIntyre should do. Maybe he should just forfeit the title…and here’s an ambulance. Of course McIntyre is driving and he gets straight in the ring for the Claymore.

Earlier today, the Hurt Business beat up a janitor for allegedly saying something about Shelton Benjamin’s mama. Now that could be a nice reference to days past, but I doubt anyone remembered it when they said something.

McIntyre says he’s going to be at Clash no matter what. Adam Pearce says he can’t risk another injury so he needs McIntyre to leave. McIntyre does just that and Pearce sends security to be on guard against Retribution.

Hurt Business vs. Cedric Alexander/Ricochet/Apollo Crews

The Hurt Business jumps Cedric on the stage before the bell and the beatdown is on until Ricochet and Crews make the save. Cedric gets on the apron as Shelton clotheslines Crews down to start. Lashley hammers him down in the corner and MVP adds the running big boot for two. It’s back to Lashley for the chinlock…and Cedric jumps Ricochet to beat him down. Crews gets a Lumbar Check and Shelton hits Paydirt for the pin at 4:28.

Rating: C-. They had to do something with this story at some point and Cedric accepting the team’s offer, or at least rebelling, instead of getting beaten down week after week makes sense. If nothing else it gives us some fresh matches as there are only so many ways you can have the same match over and over. I’m liking this idea and Cedric vs. Ricochet and/or Crews sounds interesting.

Post match Cedric looks up at the team and smiles, though he doesn’t stand with them.

Street Profits vs. Angel Garza/Andrade

Non-title, Zelina Vega is here with Garza/Andrade and speaking of matches we don’t need to see anymore. Garza starts with Ford and TAKES OFF HIS PANTS. Ford picks up the speed early on and Vega isn’t pleased with him getting taken down early on. Yelling ensues on the floor and it’s off to Andrade, who is knocked down into the frog splash for the pin at 2:03.

Post match Garza walks off, because we’re doing this again. Hold on though as here are Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura for a staredown with the Street Profits. Post break Cesaro says they were surprised to find out that the Street Profits are the longest reigning Raw Tag Team Champions in years. Usually people think of people never defending their titles when they think of the Street Profits. That’s why next week, thanks to the quarterly brand vs. brand invitational (Huh?), they want a champions vs. champions match.

Nakamura holds up a red cup and says they want the….but Dawkins calls him out for copyright infringement. Ford isn’t happy with the Bar 2.0 coming here and suggests Cesaro get an STD test from having so many partners. Anyway, the match is on, with Nakamura getting to say SMOKE.

Earlier today, R-Truth was at a restaurant when dessert was served. A Ninja popped up through the table though, with Truth shouting that he did not order a Ninja. Akira Tozawa shows up so Truth throws the title to Little Jimmy, who must have gotten out of the juvenile facility. Jimmy drops the title but Truth picks it up and runs away. He even steals the card and says that the restaurant will never get on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives while serving Ninja!

Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce

Kay is no the Femme Fatal. They slap it out to start and Peyton loads up a Widow’s Peak. That’s broken up and Kay misses an elbow, allowing Peyton to grab a waistlock. The chinlock goes on but Billie gets up and drives her into the corner for the shoulders to the ribs. Royce is right back with a neckbreaker for the pin at 2:40.

Post match Peyton helps her up.

We look back at Murphy accidentally kicking Seth Rollins in the head at Payback and ultimately costing them the match. Then last week, Rollins beat Dominik Mysterio and left him laying. Tonight, it’s Murphy vs. Dominik.

Here are the Mysterios (Rey/Dominik/Aliyah/Angie) for an in-ring chat. Rey doesn’t have a timetable for his return from the tricep injury but he’s very proud of his son. Before Dominik can say anything, Murphy pops up on screen and says Rollins picked him up when no one else would. As for tonight, let’s make it a street fight. Dominik agrees to embarrass Murphy in front of his messiah, because a simple “you’re on” is too basic for a WWE promo.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax aren’t happy with having a handicap match each against the Riott Squad. Drew McIntyre walks by and Adam Pearce isn’t happy.

Asuka/Mickie James vs. Lana/Natalya

Mickie gets a shot at Asuka next week. Natalya gets double teamed to start so it’s quickly off to Lana, who is backed into the ropes. A kick to the ribs doesn’t work on Asuka, who shows Lana how it’s done. Asuka misses the running hip attack in the ropes so Mickie slaps her on said hips for the tag.

Natalya comes in to whip Mickie into the corner but Mickie grabs a quick rollup for two. Lana plants Mickie for two more, with Asuka having to make a save. Everything breaks down and Mickie hits a neckbreaker on Lana…but there is no Asuka. Instead Mickie goes up ans Asuka tags herself in for the Asuka Lock on Lana for the tap at 4:51.

Rating: D. Even without a crowd in person, you could feel how ice cold this was. Using Natalya and Lana to set up anything is a bad idea and that was on full display here. Mickie vs. Asuka isn’t the best match in the world but for a one off match, it works out well enough. Just don’t have Lana and Natalya do anything but be the replacement IIconics though, because it won’t end well.

Cedric Alexander says he’s ready to make this official with the Hurt Business, but Shelton Benjamin says he better be serious, or it won’t go well.

It’s time for the VIP Lounge with the Hurt Business and Cedric Alexander as the guests. MVP officially welcomes Cedric to the team and they hand him the shirt, which goes over his shoulder. Just one question: what made Cedric change his mind? Shelton wants to know as well, but Cedric says he is tired of taking beatings and going broke with Ricochet and Apollo Crews. Cue the Viking Raiders and Crews/Ricochet to storm the ring and the fight is on in a hurry.

Hurt Business vs. Ricochet/Apollo Crews/Viking Raiders

Benjamin suplexes Ricochet to start before charging into a raised boot. Ricochet kicks him down and Crews comes in for a standing moonsault. It’s off to Erik to knee MVP in the face and fire off more knees up against the ropes. Ivar adds a crossbody for two and it’s back to Crews, who gets taken into the wrong corner. The spinning Dominator doesn’t work and it’s Erik coming back in to ram into Lashley a few times. The shotgun knees send Lashley into the corner and Benjamin gets suplexed.

Lashley is right back with the spear though and Erik is down in a hurry. A series of slams put Erick down and Shelton suplexes him for two. We hit the chinlock for a bit before MVP comes in for a running boot in the corner. Cedric gets the tag, yells at his former friends, and chokes away on Erik in the corner. Erik gets up and brings in Ricochet to clean house as the pace picks up. A moonsault hits MVP but Cedric comes in to glare at Ricochet for the distraction.

MVP gets in a shot to the back of the head for two and Cedric adds the Neuralizer for two of his own. Ricochet fights up for the slugout and nails a superkick. A nasty looking dragon suplex causes everything to break down with Ivar hitting a dive onto everyone but Cedric. Back in and Ricochet misses the 630, allowing Cedric to grab the Michinoku Driver for the pin at 10:16, even though Ricochet was very clearly up at two (Cole: “Cover, kickout! He didn’t kick out!”).

Rating: C-. Everything after that dragon suplex looked off, with Ricochet looking like he was supposed to bridge but not even getting one, Ivar slamming his wrists together in an X after the landing (that might mean nothing but it was hard to ignore) and the weird timing on the pin. I’m not sure what happened in there but it was pretty awkward for the last minute or so. At least Cedric got the pin though, or at least close to one.

Post match the replay shows that Ricochet did indeed kick out. Medics come out to check on Ivar so yeah that X was very intentional.

Drew McIntyre is still here as he just happened to grab the wrong phone and can’t find the exit.

We recap Aleister Black attacking Kevin Owens.

Owens heads into Raw Underground to face Black, but does mention that he still doesn’t like Shane McMahon. Now is that little bit of continuity too much to ask for elsewhere?

Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton

Orton stalls on the floor to start and holds his jaw from the Claymore earlier tonight. Lee gets tired of waiting but gets his throat snapped across the top rope. Back in and Orton goes to the eye but Lee calmly blocks the RKO with straight power. Orton isn’t sure what to do so he goes outside and sends Lee into the steps. Back in and Orton grabs the chinlock, complete with a bodyscissors this time. Lee fights up again and shoves off another RKO attempt, setting up a powerslam for two. The powerbomb is loaded up but Orton slips out and hits the RKO…but turns into the Claymore from Drew McIntyre for the DQ at 6:24.

Rating: C. Lee got in some spots here but you could feel a lot of the energy going away, mainly because he felt like an obstacle for Orton rather than someone doing something for himself. However, an important note to this (though it might have been unintentional): Lee rolled to the ropes after the RKO instead of just laying there, giving them a small out to make it look a little unclear if he would have been pinned. That’s better than some people get, even if it might have been just so McIntyre could have somewhere to land.

Post match Adam Pearce comes out to yell at Drew McIntyre. I think we have a future General Manager on our hands, which isn’t the worst idea. McIntyre leaves and referees are sent to check on Orton, who is holding his jaw.

We go to Raw Underground, where Aleister Black destroys an unknown before Kevin Owens comes in for the fight (So where was he for the last ten minutes?). The fight is on and they fall to the floor for a double knockdown as we take a break.

Orton yells at Pearce and says his word means nothing to him.

Shayna Baszler vs. Riott Squad

Handicap match and Nia Jax is in Shayna’s corner. Ruby gets taken down to start but grabs an armdrag, only to have Shayna grab her arm. The armbar goes on on the mat and Ruby can’t roll her way out of it early on. Ruby manages to get out and brings in Liv, who is knocked to the floor in a hurry. Ruby’s distraction lets Liv get in some knees to the back but Baszler knees her in the face. The arm stomp is loaded up but Jax says she could do better. Baszler doesn’t stomp on the arm, allowing Morgan to grab a sunset flip for the pin at 2:33.

Owens and Black are still fighting at Raw Underground, with Black grabbing an armbar. Owens gets him off the stage though and hits a powerbomb to the floor to knock Black silly.

Nia Jax vs. Riott Squad

Shayna is at ringside. Liv can’t get a sunset flip so Nia sends her into the corner, with Ruby adding a running crossbody. Back up and a clothesline rocks Riott so hard that even Shayna is impressed. The chinlock goes on for a bit before Nia runs her over again. Riott avoids the arm stomp though and Liv tags herself in. The Riott Kick sets up Oblivion for two…as the lights go out for the no contest at we’ll say 2:55.

The Retribution logo comes up on screen and three people in black appear on screen. One of them talks about how the Thunder Dome has changed nothing. They have been forgotten and left to pick at what they can. Another person says they are here like locusts to feed on what they can. Their darkness is coming and they are Retribution.

The Mysterios will be at ringside and Rey tells Seth Rollins to stay out of this.

Black and Owens are STILL fighting until Dabba Kato interferes and wipes them both out.

Orton is very slowly leaving as he holds his jaw. Cue McIntyre to jump him again and send him into the spare ring backstage. The third Claymore leaves Orton laying one more time.

We recap the parade of Claymores.

Orton is taken away in an ambulance.

Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio

The rest of the Mysterios are at ringside and it’s a street fight so Dominik has a kendo stick. Murphy knees him in the face to start though and Dominik is in trouble early. They head outside with Dominik getting in some shots to the face and they head up near the stage. Dominik climbs onto the video screens and hits a big dive to take Murphy down as we take a break.

Back with Dominik slugging away until they brawl up towards the stage. That goes nowhere so they wind up back at ringside with Murphy ramming Dominik head first into the ramp. Dominik is fine enough to block the eye into the steps but gets dropped ribs first onto the barricade. Some chairs to the back have Dominik in more trouble and we hit the seated abdominal stretch.

That’s broken up with a hiptoss to the floor but Murphy is right back in to tie Dominik in the ropes. It’s time for the kendo stick but Rey pulls it away. Angie and Aliyah get Dominik free and he hits a sunset bomb through a table at ringside. Now it’s Murphy being tied up in the ropes and all four of the Mysterios beat on him with the kendo sticks until Murphy quits at 14:12.

Rating: D+. They were having a pretty watchable match but then they had to get into the Mysterio Family stuff again and it’s really hard to care that much. This feud has been going on for about four months now and there have been multiple times where it could have been blown off. Somehow it’s still going though, and while it might be shifting towards Murphy vs. Rollins, seeing these Mysterio Family Values moments doesn’t exactly inspire me. Four people just beat up one guy. What a great moment that makes me want to cheer for all of them.

Post match the beating continues to end the show. Your heroes everyone.

Overall Rating: C-. I’m split on this show as it has some positives and negatives. The bad part part is that there weren’t very many interesting things going on. Cedric joining the Hurt Business worked well and Black vs. Owens could go well, plus the World Title feud is getting better. That might be the end of the good parts though and that’s not enough for a three hour show.

The important part of the show was something even better though: stuff happened. One of the bigger problems of WWE TV over the last few months has been the feeling that stories just keep going with nothing of note happening. That has changed over the last few weeks, with a different energy to the show which has made it seem like things are happening on the show. That makes things so, so much easier to watch every week and that was the case here. It might not be good, but it’s not terrible either and that’s a big step in the right direction.


Hurt Business b. Cedric Alexander/Ricochet/Apollo Crews – Paydirt to Crews

Street Profits b. Andrade/Angel Garza – Frog splash to Andrade

Peyton Royce b. Billie Kay – Neckbreaker

Asuka/Mickie James b. Lana/Natalya – Asuka Lock to Lana

Hurt Business b. Ricochet/Apollo Crews/Viking Raiders – Michinoku Driver to Ricochet

Randy Orton b. Keith Lee via DQ when Drew McIntyre interfered

Riott Squad b. Shayna Baszler – Sunset flip

Riott Squad vs. Nia Jax went to a no contest when Retribution interfered

Dominik Mysterio b. Murphy when the Mysterios beat him with kendo sticks



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