Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I am doing this a little early today so there might be some news I’m missing out on in regards to RAW tonight. Is this the week Shane McMahon starts as the head of RAW creative? When does he start!!!!

Not a whole lot happened this week outside of AEW having their big blow-off PPV that Matt Hardy almost died for (some workers should just take the WWE comedy gimmicks and enjoy making money in their mid-late 40s). I am definitely going to scour the inter webs for the FTR/Page-Omega match though, because that seemed well-regarded.

Meanwhile Vince released a hoss tag team for whatever reason and then cut off the roster from third-party usage, probably because Lana (a.k.a the escape goat) was using it to do some side dealings and that’s a no-no. Anyway this edict served to confuse workers even more and it seems like most will just charge on using their given names.

We got the start of the Eastern Conference Finals in the NHL today (Go Lightning!!) and two pivotal NBA Playoff games. A full slate of baseball and a college football clash between BYU and Navy. Happy Labo(u)r Day to all. Be kind to each other.

Here’s Piper and Hogan going out of their minds in a 1987 promo. Hot take: Piper/Hogan Megapowers would’ve been just as awesome.

Keep it Clean!