Give the X the Ax

After last night's horror show that was Matt's injury, is it time the “X” sign is retired as a storyline device? Most people watching should've known something was wrong, especially after Aubrey threw the X up and waved the match off (HA, Doc Sampson said otherwise) but I'm sure there's more than a few who just assumed it was part of the show, especially when the match resumed. Of all the things we don't need blurred lines for, it's in-ring injuries.

P.S. Fire Doc Sampson. Nobody, in 2020, in charge of the medical wellbeing of athletic talent, can be that stupid.

I'm not really sure how you're connecting the X sign thrown up at the PPV with a storyline device.  Clearly Audrey was trying to legit stop the match.  But I certainly don't think the X sign should be used in kayfabe, and I certainly don't think AEW should have handled the Hardy situation how they did at all.  The match should have been stopped immediately, stip or not.