A Fellow Doctor Who Fan!

Dear Sir,

I was performing my daily Google image search for Doctor Who-related memes, and was delighted to stumble upon your little fan blog! It's wonderful to find another Whovian online, because there don't seem to be too many of us. I was wondering if you could give your opinion on something, seeing as how you seem to be an expert on all things related to Doctor Who:

Do you think that the BBC should spend its resources reconstructing the lost episodes of the First Doctor using traditional animation and surviving audio recordings; or do you feel that money would be better spent scouring Argentinian basements for surviving live footage?

I look forward to your answer, and SONIC SCREWDRIVERS AWAY!

P.S. Who is that guy in the yellow sweater whose hairband fell onto his face? That must have been embarrassing for him.

GREAT.  JUST GREAT.  Now we've got Doctor Who fans coming to the blog like ants at a picnic.  I partially blame myself, mostly for letting all these British people do columns.  

Not you, Dave, you're one of the good ones.