Sunday Night Reset: September 6, 2020

Hey — thanks to the few of you who checked out my review of All Out.  I knew going in it wouldn’t get as much play as Tommy’s and would be forgotten as soon as Scott’s dropped, but All Out struck me as an important enough show to get triple review treatment.  I’ll probably do this again for Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and Double or Nothing (maybe SummerSlam too), since those are the biggest PPVs of the wrestling calendar right now.

Some thoughts on That Moment from last night: if Matt thought of the spot, he needs to be told he’s too old to do that stuff.  If Sammy thought of it, Matt should have said no.  As I mentioned in last night, whomever thought of it didn’t take the proper safety precautions — would carpeting or some way to hide foam rubber have killed them?  (I know, the lack of it almost did.)  In addition, with Tony Khan coming out and saying the doctor trusted Matt saying he could still go… that’s horribly irresponsible.  Hell, if someone looked that way in training, I’m telling them to sit it out.  (Since the Khans are NFL owners, here’s an analogy: someone should have stolen Matt’s helmet.)

I enjoyed that Will Hobbs got promoted to PPV status in the Casino match, and he did very well for himself in kayfabe and in workrate.  I think he’s got a future in AEW, and heaven knows the company could use a few more big boys.  It is weird that Austin Gunn, who was advertised for the match, did not compete (a quick double check means that’s the person Hobbs replaced).  I don’t know if he was injured, since he could be seen at ringside all show.  Something to keep an eye on if Billy is doing singles action on Dark.

Also, Chris Jericho: dude, time to hang it up.  You looked real bad out there.  Time has finally caught up with you.

Anyway, enough of my thoughts.  Here is your Moment of Zen:

Enjoy the night, and to those in America who get it, enjoy tomorrow’s day off.