Summer slam 91 main event

So I just finished SS91 for the first time in a long time, and I don’t get a few things as an event.

Why end with a wedding. Fine emotional payoff, but didn’t the hogan win already satisfy that for the crowd and ppv? Coulda been placed earlier maybe?

Was there ever a plan to have a Warrior/Savage vs. Roberts/UT match at the event? Vignettes seemed to go that way.

You coulda just done a more crazy Hogan & Slaughter rematch, like the desert storm match , to make way for the above tag to happen. Sid coulda done the big save at the end too.

Yeah, Warrior and Savage v UT and Jake would have made a lot of sense.  Ditto for the Hogan-Slaughter rematch.  There were no plans that way but it would have made a great show even better.