Mexican wrestling and Trios titles

Hello Scott,

With the recent discussion on AEW having a trios title, it got me to thinking about three man tag titles and their history in wrestling.

I know NWA/WCW had a trios title way back in the day, but I don’t believe WWF had a title like that. Meanwhile, mexican wrestling seems to primarily have trios titles rather than a two man tag title.

Do you have any input on why trios wrestling (or at least a title) seems to be more popular in Mexico than the US? Is it because it allows you to have giant six man tags? Do mexican wrestling fans prefer six man tags over two on two matchups?

Yeah that's kind of a whole discussion, but yes, traditionally Mexican wrestling is based almost entirely on six-man matches and traditional tag matches are considered to be the rarity.  Others more versed in lucha libre could probably explain the reasoning better though.