House Show Classics


The news that WWE will be scaling back on house shows got me thinking about unique matchups that people may have seen at house shows away from the cameras. 

For example, in 1991 I saw a house show match between Roddy Piper and the Undertaker.   Didn’t mean anything at the time, but in hindsight it’s a bit of a fantasy booking matchup between 2 legends.   Crap match though.

Best match was Rockers vs Power and Glory.   Those guys never had a bad match together. 

What is the best and/or most memorable house show match that you’ve ever seen that never saw the light of day?

We never tended to get much on the memorable side when I was a kid in Vancouver.   I saw some really good Bulldogs and Hart Foundation matches in various combos, but probably the best match I saw in the 80s was an elimination six man with Tito / Steamboat / Piper v. Reed / Savage / Adonis.  I could have a couple of guys wrong there but it was the WM3 marriages.  Savage cut a promo mid-match and he was just crazy over.  
More recently, the Revival and Roode/Gable were out of their minds great in a tag title match here in Saskatoon but then they did the actual title change in TV anyway.