Friday Night Party Thread: September 4, 2020


Tonight, it’s both SmackDown on the ol’ rabbit ears and a special 50th edition of Dark on YouTube!  I’ll take care of Dark, and Tommy will get SmackDown.

Then, tomorrow, for the big one of All Out, ALL THREE OF US will review it!  Find out what we thought, if we have anything resembling a consensus, and who we think deserves more love!  (Hint: Scorpio Sky.)

Then on Sunday, we’ll all get some rest because… MONDAY IS A US FEDERAL HOLIDAY!  That means an extra night to be up and at ’em before our biological clocks hate us.

All right, folks, I want a good, clean thread.  We’ve been over the rules in the back; respect he moderator’s judgement at all times.  Now, touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting!

But first — Your Moment of Zen: my trainers’ entrance music and their AEW Dark TitanTron!

Enjoy the weekend!!!