Khans Jaguars clueless

Hi Scott, I hope all's well. I had been meaning to ask you this question since AEW started but I gave it some time and their top RB going to the Bucs was the tipping point.

Scott, as it relates to AEW, does it matter how astute or not the Khans prove to be in their other sports franchises? I get it, their billions didn't come from football or soccer…they're an accomplished business family. But their decision making for the Jaguars really leaves a lot to be desired.
A couple of seasons ago they were minutes from the Super Bowl, they blew it, and now that team's been blown up with all hope of winning abandoned. I get that the franchise is in no way at risk economically and they've turned a profit over the years; but the team itself has, once again, become a loser. 
They make very impetuous decisions, sign the wrong players to long contracts, and don't seem to be very player-friendly. Does any of this mean anything when it comes to their wrestling company? Perhaps it's different because Tony's the one connected to AEW but it makes me wonder how they'll react in the future to anything from ratings lulls to free-agent signings. 
Turner owned the Braves and they were good, Vince is a dreamer when it comes to football, but the Khans have actually done it. They're a part of the biggest league in the U.S. and they seem to be dragging the franchise down to the ground (on-field results, roster wise). Do you think these traits will ever spill over to AEW?

Thanks for reading and for the response if there is one.

Football is the one where you’re moving the chains, right?  Yay sports!