So, Vince feels that CFO$ are paid too much for their music, and wants to switch wrestlers over to music written by another person/group. But if the new theme still contains the same opening as the old theme (like Keith Lee’s and Kacy Catanzaro’s new themes), then what’s the point?If CFO$ get a royalty for each time one of their songs is used, wouldn’t they still get that royalty for any sample of their work that is used in a new theme? Or on the other hand, if CFO$ get a one-time flat fee for each song, and those fees are already paid for before the song is used on the air, then how does changing the theme now save Vince money?Wouldn’t it make more sense to just let the wrestlers that already have a CFO$ theme keep them, and then find new producers for any new wrestlers/songs?

Hard to say, my man. Those music rights contracts are so confusing now that even their own legal teams seem to have trouble figuring out what can and can’t be used on the Network.

However, has anyone else noticed that the Undisputed Era is Cole, Fish, O’Reilly and $trong? Just kind of weird how that worked out.